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.^ood H «3h Sf 





Westwood High School 
200 Nahatan Street 

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116 Contents 


VOLUME TWO - Contents 

Dedication of the Yearbook 

Tribute to Our Retirees 


Senior Biographies 

Senior Superlatives 



Contents 117 



Of The Yearbook To: 

Mr. Jerry Cronin 

Presented by Alex Sharry & Nick Thompson 

.C/ach year the graduating class identifies an individual who has had a significant positive impact on the 
class and school community to receive the yearbook dedication. We dedicate the book to someone who 
has demonstrated great dedication to us. Though we, the Class of 2005, are grateful to so many for the 
support that has gotten us to this day, we are pleased to have the opportunity to recognize and thank one 
man who has quietly, consistently and selflessly made the community of Westwood High School better. 
Technically his title is "substitute teacher", but this man is so much more. His commitment to us 
is full-time. There is no substitute for Mr. Jerry Cronin. 

Mr. Cronin is a fixture in the community. He grew up in Dorchester; majored in political science at 

Northeastern; and had a long successful career with The Boston Globe, ultimately as Sales Manager of 

Advertising. The Town of Westwood has been his family's home since 1969. His three children graduated from Westwood High School and 

his daughter Christine now teaches at the Martha Jones School here in town. Mr. Cronin embodies good citizenship. His involvement in and 

impact on the greater community is broad. Among his many services to the community, Mr. Cronin has volunteered for the Town Financial 

Committee, the Westwood Historical Society, the Islington Betterment Committee and the Library, as a Trustee. But how did he come to make 

the Westwood High School community better? 

Seven years ago Mr. Cronin joined the Westwood High School community as a substitute teacher. Having retired from the Globe, he could 
have invested his time in improving his already good golf game. Lucky for Westwood High School, he invested in us. He doesn't simply fill-in 

"Mr. Cronin is a guide by 
example kind of guy." 
- Callie Fisher 

"He is a kind-hearted man 
devoted to enriching student's 
lives. He knows every student 
in the school by name and truly 
cares about each individual." 
- Emily O'Connor 

"He's been a great friend to the 
class of 2005. He was dedicated 
greatly to the move to the new 
school, and through all his 
involvement in the WHS com- 
munity." - Adam Spirer 

"He deserves this dedication 
just for being him. I love hear- 
ing, "Well hello Ms. Resha." 
It's always followed by a big 
smile, some sports talk, or a 
funny joke! 
- Erica Resha 

"Mr. Cronin has been a valuable 
asset and has given back to the 
community in countless ways." 
- Qays Munir 

118 Dedication 

others; rather, he has carved out his own important 
role in the day to day life of the school. We felt the 
impact of his presence immediately and his commitment 

has never waned. For example, in preparation for our move from the old school 
to the new school, Mr. Cronin took the initiative to identify and pack our trophies, 
memorial plaques, and a copy of every year's yearbook to preserve our history. He is 
omnipresent - He is everywhere we are, and the Class of 2005 appreciates that. 

Here are a few things that students have to say about Mr. Cronin: 

Ali Berluti - "Mr. Cronin has taken the time to develop personal relationships with all of us." 

Derek O'Leary - "He immerses himself in everything we love in this school, but also in those things that, maybe we don't appreciate, but 

should. More importantly, he really cares and respects the students. It's not just his job, and we are not simply 'responsibilities' - we're what 

he cares about and what he loves." 

Callie Fisher - "Mr. Cronin is a guide by example kind of guy." 

Emily O'Connor - "He is a kind-hearted man devoted to enriching students' lives. He knows every student in the school by name and truly 

cares about each individual." 

Erica Resha - "He deserves this dedication just for being him. I love hearing 'Well hello Ms. Resha.' I always know it's him and it's always 

followed by a big smile, some sports talk, or a funny joke!" 

Maura Mahoney - "Mr. Cronin is one of the constants at WHS. He is a person you can count on, whether it's at a sporting event or in the classroom." 

Ryan Kehoe - "He keeps people in line." 

Kristen Maloney - "He is always willing to offer advice and help solve problems. He is everyone's favorite substitute and is knowledgeable 

about many subjects. No matter where he is, whether walking through the crowded hallways of WHS or somewhere in the community with his 

family, he always acknowledges you and is a friendly face." 

Natalia Morozov - "He embodies the character of WHS." 

Mr. Cronin, you connect us to our past - as our storyteller, our archivist, our memory. You connect us to our present - with our daily welcome 
at the door, and our messages of encouragement. You connect us to our future - by leading the grand opening of our new school, and rolling 
out the carpet for our individual and collective possibilities. Mr. Cronin, we thank you. 

"Through my four years at 
WHS, I have never been so 
close to any faculty member 
as I am to Mr. Cronin. In the 
eyes' of students, he's the most 
respected teacher and friend in 
the school." 
- Jackie Auode 

"Mr. Cronin has taken the time 
to develop personal relation- 
ships with all of us." 
- Ali Berluti 

"He immerses himself in ev- 
erything we love in this school, 
but also in those things that, 
maybe we don't appreciate, but 
should. More importantly, he 
really cares and respects the 
students. It's not just his job, 
and we are not simply 'respon- 
sibilities' - we're what he cares 
about and what he loves. 
- Derek O'Leary 

"He embodies the character of 
WHS." - Natalia Morozov 

"Mr. Cronin is one of the con- 
stants at WHS. He is a person 
you can count on, whether it's 
at a sporting event or in the 
- Maura Mahoney 

Dedication 119 

To Our Retirees, 

Thank You! 

Ms. Jean Wentworth 


"Ms. Wentworth flawlessly 
supervised our move to the 
new school. Her leadership 
made our transition easier." 
-Michael Glickman 

"The greatest thing about 
Ms. Wentworth is that she 
always makes time for people; 
be that students, faculty, or 
parents. Her door is open to 
the community." 

-Ben Medd 

"She always took the time to 
stop and talk to students in 
the hall. She always had a 
smile on and a good sense of 

-Patrick O'Brien 

120 Tribute to Retirees 

Ms. Carol Armstrong 

Director of Guidance, 
Counselor & Coach 

"I think Ms. Armstrong is so 
helpful to all her students and 
goes out of her way to help 
them achieve their goals." 

-Dori Irwin 

"Ms. Armstrong was a gTeat 
counselor. She kept me fo- 
cused all the time. She's really 
smart, organized, knowledg- 
able, and calm in a crisis." 

-Mark Broderick 

"Ms. Armstrong was really 
helpful throughout the college 
process; she made things easy 
for me. It's obvious how much 
she cares for her students." 

-Elana Bornstein 

Mr. Richard Hargreaves 

Mathematics Teacher & Coach 

"Mr. Hargreaves has spent 
many years serving students 
in the classroom, and on the 
track as well. He is a superb 
track coach whose commit- 
tment to this high school is 

-Jon Brenton 

"He demands the same dedi- 
cation and excellence from his 
students in the classroom as 
his runners on the track. He 
also has the uncanny ability to 
draw a perfect circle freehand 
on the blackboard without the 
aid of any tools." 

-Andres Castro 

Members of our class should 
be lucky enough to turn out 
like Mr. Hargreaves. He 
should be recognized for 
the impact he has made on 
the lives of his students and 
peers. As a coach, teacher, 
and role model, he has helped 
us with our endeavors. As 
someone who knows him 
well, I feel he deserves much 

-Jesse Plate 

Mr. Kevin Burke 

Science Teacher 

"Mr. Burke is someone I 
could always go to when I had 
a problem. Mr. Burke truly 
cares for his students and only 
wants the best for them. Mr. 
Burke is a teacher who I will 
never forget!" 

-Caitlyn McDermott 

"Mr. Burke has been one of 
the best teachers I've ever 
had. Not only is he a fun guy 
to be around, he is also a great 
teacher and friend to every- 
one. He always looked for the 
best in everyone and, because 
of him, school is a much more 
fun place to learn." 

-Danica Peterson 

"Mr. Burke epitomizes what 
students want in a teacher. 
He is kind, funny, fair, and he 
has a great personality. He'll 
be truly hard for anyone to 

-James Kenney 

Tribute to Retirees 121 





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126 We Rock (Climb) 


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Jirls' Team - FRONT ROW (L-R): Jennifer Purpura, Alison Jacobs, Lauren Fitzpatrick, Erica Boys' Team - FRONT ROW (L-R): Andres Castro, Charlie Packer, Alex Sharry, Dan Lampie, 

esha, Jackie Criss, Andrea Scanlon, Katarina Birle, Jaimelyn Mingels; BACK ROW (L-R): Q ays Munir; BACK ROW (L-R): Matt Noonan, Jeff Moriarty, Amol Mepani, Max Shapiro, 

ielle Cushing, Kasey Hallion, Kathleen Holmes, Megan Bradley, Jessie Schroeder, Molly Ten- Evan Urdang, Jason Kelly, Coach Hargreaves, Nick Porto, Dan McHugh, Aaron Lowey, Jonah 

ihan, Rachel Watsky, Elisa Walsh, Kim Muellers, Katie Sugg, Amelia Mandell, Margaret Haffey, Ruddy, Mark Carey, Greg Wells, Josh Mingels, Kris Brakke, Tom Barnico, Mark Broderick, 

legan Cheung, Coach Hava; Not Pictured, Sarah Ragab James Scales 

Cross Country 1 3 1 

"-naV m 




* "<£A^fi 






Captains Jaclyn Germano (above) and Sara 
Schock walk confidently onto the field 

«W ^ 

ABOVE: Erin Donovan wards off 
the opposing offense. 
ABOVE LEFT: Meghan Clifford 
hugs goalie Viviane Nguyen after 
a victory. 




Jaclyn Germano 


Sara Schock 

Unsung Hero 

Cassandra \ fnrrav 

ABOVE: Meghan Clifford, Becky Hansen, 
Paige Gunning, and Callie Fisher prepare for 
a comer. 
RIGHT: Jaclyn with her game face on. 

132 Field Hockey 

JBt !3& 

ABOVE: Charlotte Holler, Meghan Clifford, Sara 
Schock, and Hillary Goodie dress up for Field Hockey 
Olympics at the last practice. 
ABOVE LEFT: Jaclyn Germano is untouchable! 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Cassandra Murray, Jaclyn Germano, Sara Schock, Meredith 
Crowe. MIDDLE ROW (L-R): Paige Gunning, Becky Hansen, Caitlin Connors, Callie 
Fisher, Caite Irvine, Callie Rose, Deanna Ahigian, Katie Cushing, Jenny Germano, 
Kristin DeCamp. BACK ROW (L-R): Coach Kris McDonough, Charlotte Holler, 
Hillary Goodie, Meghan Clifford, Emily Leahy, Tatiana Casale, Erin Donovan, Viviane 
Nguyen, Coach Allison Dick 

Field Hockey 133 


• 1 





Above: Leo makes a grab in warm-ups. 

Left: Feeney pulling nicely. Below: Whetstone ., >-<^* . fy 

and Morgan in nice defensive position. 

Above Right: Murph leads the huddle. 


3^ " 



«4&3i ( 31 : _= 
,1k pwCf *Ufi 







»«. ■ ■ - ■ ■ 




<< L« 






Above: Captains in a pre-game meeting. 
Left: Goldman celebrating a superbowl TD 
Below: Urdang eluding the defense. 
Right: Superbowl Champs celebration! 






I ■ 





134 Football 

•>ont Row (L to R): Ryan Harney, Brett Goldman, Mike Ryan, Morgan Donahue (C), Joe Mascia (C), Ryan 
Murphy (C), Tom Cooney, Taylor Regan, Michael Hallion, Coach Paul Hallion. Second Row (L to R): David 
lomsy, Mark Leone, Chris Laham, Joe Fabiano, Jeff White, Amadeus Guerrero, George Whetstone, Mike DiS- 
irro, Jimmy Vanaria. Third Row (L to R): Brian Kelly, Max Dorsch, Tom McDonald, Manny Frangiadakis, Nick 
iestito, Kyle Slavic, Paul Murphy, Donal Lyons, Kevin Morrison. Fourth Row (L to R): Alex Gentilli, Luke 
!hou, Jason Urdang, John McDonough, Kevin O'Connor, George Aoude, Rob Irvine, Kevin Brooks. Top Row 
L to R): Trainer Paul Lilla, Nick Laham, Ryan Gold, Pat O'Brien, Jad Chahine, Pat Feeney, Mark Zarthar, 
^oach Brad Pindell. 


Fdtball 135 

5« |T ^W< 

r/i.lfll PI 'J 

ABOVE: Team huddle in a close game 
BELOW:Melissa goes in for a great kill 

FRONT : Deanna Salter 

MIDDLE (L-R): Melissa Murphy, Natalia Morozov , Maria Bevilacqua 
BACK (L-R): Carlin Reilly, Emily Kelly, Aria Bonsignore-Berry, Marji Rochon, 
Danielle Gillis, Katie Brodrick, Katie Wiggin, Coach Carrie Beaumont 

FRONT (L-R): Allison Lampie, Amanda McDonald, Katie Banis, Tricia Murphy, 

Chelsey Ristaino, Meghan Davey 

MIDDLE (L-R) : Sophie Romanow, Jenna Pirello, Maura McGinnis, Brittany Galvin, 

Johanna Kunkel 

BACK (L-R): Devon Zaza, Sam Ronan, Jessie Abrams, Coach Tony 

Volleyball 137 

BELOW: Kathleen tracks down the 
ball on defense. 

ABOVE: Maggie "owning" 







FRONT ROW: Angela Lang, Sara Harrington, Kelly Munroe, Christine Halkett, 
Meredith Frank, Maura Mahoney, Anna Springer, Maggie Scales, Amanda Lever, 
Kathleen VonEuw, Abby Biller 

BACK ROW: Hollie Musto, Annie Brown, Maggy Ward, Tricia O'Donnell, Steph 
Egizi, Jesse Bond, Sammy Wolf, Jen DeMovellan, Christina McCarron, Catherine 
McDonnell, Victoria Koutris 

Girls' Soccer 139 


ABOVE: Mr. Brenton always keeps an open mind. 



Derek O 'Leary/ Matt Brenton 


Kevin Aries 

Unsung Hero 

Bobby Schroeder 

K+~+ * 

Bovs Soccer 

ABOVE: Good team sportsmanship. 
LEFT: Gary Burke looks stern as usual. 
BELOW: Sims hustles. 


LEFT: Malcolm cruises down field. 
BELOW: The Keeper, doing his job. 

VARSITY TEAM (Back Row L-R) Bobby Schroeder, Mo Hazipasic, Chris Follen. 
Colin Lancey, Kevin Aries, Nick Sims, Jonathan Brenton (Cap!.), Craig Byer, 
Malcolm Goodridge, Jesse Plate (Capt.), Derek O Leary (Capt.), Kyle Zapcic, Pat 
Ahem. (Middle Row): Brian Joyce, Lucas Parent, Drew DiMartino, Roger Lis, 
Adrian Macdonald, Yoni Glaser. Matt Brenton (Capt.), Drew Lowey. (First Row): 
Jason Dwyer, Jen Vtsconti (Team Manager) 

Boys' Soccer 141 

I k 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Charlie Donahue, Matt Sebet, Duncan Law, 

Andrew Howard 

BACK ROW: Dan Nally, Danny McGinnis, Chris Nicholas, Alec 


142 Golf 

ABOVE: The tag team prepares for another great stroke. 

Golf 143 



144 Girls' Swimming 

NT ROW (L-R): Elizabeth Dahl, Kristen Farrell, Jessica Kirkby, Maura Curran, 
i Whelan, Christin Capozzoli; SECOND ROW: Maggie Mulhern, Alessandra 
la, Erica Zahka, Katie Cooney, Leigh Carey, Tricia Reece, Hannah Driscoll; 
ID ROW: Coach Allison Buckley, Kristen Sementelli, Steph Hauck, Laura 
|uart, Taylor Obey, Susie MacGillivray, Elizabeth Ahearn, Nikki Brune, Catlin 
arthy; BACK ROW: Brian Buckley, Kristen Swan, Maggie McNichols, Emily 
Jward, Danica Peterson, Courtney Finn 

SENIORS: Danica Peterson, Emily Woodward, Maggie McNichols, Kristen Swan, 
and Courtney Finn. Great year Seniors! 

Girls' Swimming 145 


u J % 

Boys' Baseball 

1 '>■>"'•- 




Chris Laham 
Mark Leone 


Chris Walsh 

Unsung Hero 

Pat Costello 

ABOVE: Chris Laham scores his 1000th point! BELOW LEFT: C«h Reidy is 
preaching during a timeout. BELOW RIGHT: Okey is getting in on a^ebound. 
BOTTOM: Costello is soaring through the air during warm-ups 

f * 


ABOVE: Ciampa hustling to the baseline. 
BELOW: Harney showing perfect defensive 
positioning. RIGHT: Laham at the free-throw 
line. BELOW RIGHT: Costello with a nice 
shot from the comer. 



^ • 

-r- £%■ 

^/I It* 

^ < vJ^ ^ ffi\ usnmn 


* yr 

1 : 

ottom Row (L to R): Ryan Hamey, Chris Laharn»: Capt.), Mark Leone (Sr. Cap:.), Chris 
alsh (Sr. Capt), Pete Ciampa, Pat Costello. Top RimTL to R): Ryan Parrish, Max Dorsch, 
mmy Vanaria, Kevin O'Connor, Mark Broderick, CoaomMike Reidy. 

HHtSk ABOVE: Leo is trying to play defense 
on Cook. LEFT: Costello showing nice 
defensive form. BELOW LEFT: Jimmy 
with a nice baby hook. BELOW RIGHT: 
Laham with his classic fade-away. 

Gir s BasKetba 





Meredith Frank 


Erica Resha 

Unsung Hero 

Maura Mahonev 

i 2 4 i!M 

f LEFT: Riles meets with the team during a 
\ -^ time-out to talk things over. 

FRONT (L-R): Margaret Scales, Maura Mahoney, Jackie Criss, Lauren Fitzpatrick, 
Kelly Munroe, Erica Reesha, Meredith Frank 

BACK (L-R): Ashley Logan, Sara Harrington, Deanna Salter, Cara Sweeney, Paige 
Congdon, Jill Greenberg, Coach Bill Riley 



o vJ 



*c$ T 

Girls' Basketball 149 


150 Boys' Swimming 







Nick Thompson, Andy Lennon, Alex 

Sharry, Adam Patterson 

SWIMMERS ABOVE (L-R): Nick Thompson, Andy Lennon, Alex Sharry, Adam 
Patterson, Kevin Bean, Joseph Neimann, Bryan Peterson 

Boys' Swimming 1 5 1 



Alison Jacobs 

Stephanie Hilton 
Unsung Hero 

Meghan Clifford 

$&& >wA 

ABOVE FROM TOP: Our seniors pose for a picture with 
our awesome coaches; 

BELOW (L-R): Captains Callie Rose. Alison Jacobs, 
Caroline Dunlay, and Jen Visconti 

ABOVE: Callie Rose sprints for the puck. 
LEFT: Hollie Musto defends the net. 

152 Girls' Ice Hockey 

FIRST ROW (L-R): Meghan Clifford, Jen Visconti, Alison Jacobs, Jaclyn Germano, 
Caroline Dunlay, Emily Leahy SECOND ROW: Steph Hilton, Charlotte Kenney, 
Steph Solomini, Hollie Musto, Brenda McCabe, Joan O'Neill, Katherine Egizi, 
Meghan Davey BACK ROW: Sheila Leahy, Amanda Lever, Beth O'Brien, Kate 
Hulbert, Alii Shortt, Callie Rose, and Steph Michaud 

Girls' Ice Hockey 153 

ABOVE: Matt Sebet gets physical 
BELOW: Dan Nally storms up the ice 



George Whetstone 


Don Nally 

Unsung Hero 
Doug Cloy 

ABOVE: Andrew Keches waits for the pass. 

LEFT: Captains - Morgan Donahue and Dan Nally. Not pictured 

Geroge Whetstone. 

SENIORS: Charlie Donahue, Dan Crowley, Morgan Donahue and, 
Goalie, Doug Clay. Not Pictured, George Whetstone and Mark 

154 Boys' Ice Hockey 


FRONT ROW: Bobby Leahy, Matt Pruchinewski, Jamie Ampriester, Dan Nally, Dan Crowley, 
Charlie Donahue, Morgan Donahue, Doug Clay. BACK ROW: Coach Welby, Brian Novoson, 
Perry Treon, Jimmy Gavin, Drew DiMartino, Andy Musto, Sean Andrew, Paul French, Peter 
Treon, Andrew Keches, Matt Donahue, Dan Keches, Matt Sebet, Coach Macdonald, Coach 
McCusker. Not Pictured, George Whetstone and Mark Zarthar 

ABOVE LEFT: Doug Clay watches 
a skater behind the net. 

Boys' Ice Hockey 155 









ABOVE: James Scales pushes strong to finish 
in the lead! 



■ ■ 


i u^ 


& 5 


ABOVE: Mark Carey gives 
it his all! 

LEFT: Jason Urdang throws 
with all his might! 

1 56 Indoor Track 

^^l^^K * *" 

■T i 


Hi' 17 


^L'l V ^^. 

B'^fl . 



Jason Urdang 

Andres Castro 
Unsung Hero 

Matt Brenton 



Danica Peterson 

Jennifer Roach 
Unsung Hero 

Stephanie Egizi 



n G ft o ft 

<-><-> f« ft f* 

FRONT RH^(L-R): David Kusmin, Suhas Rao, James Scales, Nick Sestito, Kris 
Brakke, MacHWan Swan, Benjamin Randolph, Chris Pflanz. MIDDLE ROW (L-R): 
Tom O'Connor, ^bby Calobrisi, Josh Mingels, Zane Griffin, J.J. Ahigian, Alex 
Ortloff, Ryan Gold^dres Castro, Jason Urdang. BACK ROW (L-R): Mark Carey, 
Andrew Geary, StepheirWpolitano, Jesse Plate, Charlie Leibson, Dave Homsy, Matt 
Brenton, Jon Brenton, Jeft^jriarty, Jason Dwyer, Coach Neil White, Coach Sean 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Kim Davey, Elizabeth Birle, Shiwei Pan, Elisa Walsh, Deanna 
Ahigian, Ashley Keating, Katarina Birle, Megan Cheung, Jaimelyn Mingels, Hannah 
Driscoll. MIDDLE ROW (L-R): Kelley Maher, Audrey Vogel, Jacki Shipp, Jessie 
Schroeder, Margaret Haffey, Amelia Mandell, Jen Roach, Jen Demovellan, Jessica 
Boylan. BACK ROW (L-R): Anna Springer, Danica Peterson, Courtney Finn, Jenni- 
fer Cravedi, Kim Muellers, Stephanie Hauck, Janet Dunkelbarger, Nikki Brunc. Leila 
Zahka, Paige Gunning, Coach Udall. 

Indoor Track 157 

158 Ski Team 

ABOVE: Chris Follen, Callie Fisher, Dan Lampie 

BOTTOM ROW: Alison McManus, Allison Lampie, Sammy Bracket, Charlotte Holler, 
Chris Follen, Callie Fisher, Dan Lampie 

TOP ROW: Liz Walsh, Jane Warren, Lindsey Burns, Brett Adams, Mike Fisher, Matt Sadler, 
Ramzi Shuhaibar, Teddy Groton, Jonah Ruddy, Brent Giacchetto 

Ski Team 159 

ABOVE: Alex Frank closely defends her opponent 

ABOVE: Maura Mahoney winds up for a shot. 





Meredith Frank 


Stephanie Hilton 

Unsung Hero 

Outstanding Offense 

Maura Manoney 

Midficld Excellence 

Lauren Filzpatriek 

Tenacious Defender 

Kellv Munroe 

< 3 
ABOVE: Lauren Fitzpatnck pulls the ball away from 

two defenders. 

160 Girls' Lacrosse 


.1 'A'/.Vl MFKaV *T 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Alison Jacobs, Kelly Munroe, Lauren Filzpatrick, Meredith 
Frank, Maura Mahoney, Jackie Criss, Jackie Kareh, Steph Hilton; BACK ROW 
(L-R): Chrissy McCarron, Jen Demovellan, Callie Rose, Sara Harrington, Caite 
Irvine, Joan O'Neill, Steph Egizi, Taylor Obey, Alex Frank, Kat Egizi, Erin Massimi 



162 Boys" Lacrosse 

LEFT: Captain George Whetstone helps his 
teammate get the ball. 

% \ 13 







BOYS' LACROSSE TEAM: Sean Andrew, Tom Barnico, Matt Corsi, Dan 
Crowley, Mike DiSarro, Matt Donahue, Ryan Enos, Chris Follen, Andrew 
Howard, Andrew Keches, Colin Lancey, Andrew Laughna, Dan McHugh, 
Brian Novoson, Ryan O'Leary, Brent Peterson, Mike Ryan, Luke Sargent, Matt 
Shanahan, Will Sharry, Alex Sharry, Kyle Sloan-Rossiter, Matt Springer, Peter 
Treon, Jay Whalen, George Whetstone, Matt White (no team photo available) 

*i XL 

Boys" Lacrosse 163 

r r wat 




/ • ^ 



Jenn Marcoux 

Maggie Scales 
Unsung Hero 

Casev Cutler 





ABOVE (L-R): Kim White, Jenn Marcoux, Jess Hogan, 
Maggie Scales, and Hallie Malitski cheer on the boys base- 
ball team. LEFT: Senior Captains Jenn and Maggie. 


FRONT (L-R): Becky Hanson, Casey Cutler, Jenn Marcoux, Maggie Scales, FRONT ROW (L-R): Danielle McCaulcy, Alyse Conlon, Cat McDonnell. Mary 

Kathleen McDonald, Meredith Crowe BACK (L-R): Christine McGrail, Kim White, Connors SECOND ROW (L-R): Ms. Felton, Jillian Lenzo, Stephanie Solimcne. 

Jess Hogan, Tricia O'Donnell, Susie MacGillivray, Jill Greenberg, and Chelsey Ristaino Samantha Cahoon, Kelly McCarthy, Mr. Sherr BACK ROW (L-R): Julie D'Aleo. 

NOT PICTURED: Hallie Malitsky, Katie Cooney, Mr. Dillon, Ms. Vogelgesang, and Kara Powers, Paige Congdon, Kristin Farrell, and Sarah Pellegrini 

Colin Vogelgesang NOT PICTURED: Brenda McCabe 

Softball 165 

166 Baseball 

CAPTAINS (L-R): Chris Walsh, Ryan Murphy, Matt Shaffer 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Tim Holmes, Marc Lesage, Chris Walsh, Ryan Murphy. Matt 
Shaffer, Joey Fabiano, Alec LaFontaine, BACK ROW (L-R) Kurt Gottschalk, Paul 
French, Matt Doherty, Mark Leone, Mike McCarron, Jeff White, Jimmy Vanaria 
*Not Pictured: Morgan Donahue 

Baseball 167 

... .1. 

» nt II) , t 


-irrr n \nn rrrrTTT TTJi i 1 . UI 





"*'"'' .»J*». 4 , . ^. 



R- - - 

1 68 Girls' Tennis 

ABOVE - SENIORS: Roanna Ruiz, Katarina 
Frangiadakis, Rachel Strauss, Stephanie Nasr, 
& Caitlyn McDerrmott. BELOW - CAPTAINS: 
Rachel Strauss and Stephanie Nasr. 

FRONT ROW: Roanna Ruiz, Rachel Strauss, Stephanie Nasr, 
Caitlyn McDermott. MIDDLE ROW: Dedae Audi, Nikki Brune, 
Maura McGinnis, Catherine Heier, Nikki Cachelin.Katherine 
Gorman, Katerina Frangiadakis, Danielle Goldman, Belle Cushing, 
Katie Cushing, Elizabeth Chen. BACK ROW: Kathleen Holmes, 
Beth O'Brien, Coach Houston, Celena Homsy, Kristina OrtlofF. 

■P 4 




Katie Cushing 
Stephanie Nasr 

Unsung Hero 

Roanna Ruiz 

Girls' Tennis 169 

170 Boys' Tennis 

BELOW: Joey Dello-Russo takes a 
breather between sets. 

Boys' Tennis 171 

172 Boys' Track & Field 




rack &Fie 

Above Left: Tom gets a nice jump in the 200m. 
Above Right: Jesse running hard in the 800m. 
Left: Aries looking good over the hurdles. Below: 
Manny putting in total effort in the 100m. 


Bottom Row (L to R): Matt Brenton (C), Joe Mascia (C), Kevin Aries (C), Jon Brenton (C). Second Row (L to R): David Kusmin, Ramzi Shuhaibar. MacLellan Swan. 
Kris Brakke, Raeef Istfan, Andres Castro, Christopher Pflanz, Suhas Rao, Thomas Visconti, Christopher Roach, Ben Randolph. Third Row (L to R): Coach Neil White. 
Jason Urdang, Matt Noonan, James Scales, Manny Frangiadakis, Brian Joyce, Luke Senerchia, Tom O'Connor, Jeff Moriarty, George Aoude, Tim Geers, Michael 
Fisher, Gregory Wells, Mark Broderick, Jesse Plate, Coach Dick Hargreaves. Fourth Row (L to R): David Homsy, Bobby Calobrisi, Alex Gentilli. Brian McDonald, 
Josh Mingles, Fadi Samaha, Charlie Leibson, Alex Ortloff, Thomas Weinrich, Costa Belezos, Pat Ahern, A.J. Geary, Sam Mailing, Mark Carey, Richard Pond, Stephen 
Napalitano, Brian Kelly. 

Boys' Track & Field 173 

RIGHT: Jen Roach perfect her hurdling skills. 



Jen Roach 

Anna Springer 

Unsung Hero 

Jaimelyn Mingles 


K A\, t HIAN — 

ack &Fii 

174 Girls' Track& Field 




FRONT ROW (L to R): Jaimelyn Mingles, Anna Springer, Danica Peterson, Jen Roach, 
Katarina Birle. SECOND ROW: (L to R): Coach Udall, Roisin O'Flaherty, Alexandra Kay, 
Anna Whelan, Kim Muellers, Shiwei Pan, Sam Ronan, Danielle Gillis, Katherine Freidman, 
Hillary Goodie, Dori Irwin, Hannah Cutler, Jen Purpura, Megan Cheung, Steph Hauck, Katie 
Sugg, Melissa Mancini, Kelley Maher, Michelle Cohen, Cara Sweeney. Jessica Boylan, 
Janet Dunkelburger, Audrey Vogel, Kendra Luongo, Coach Hava. THIRD ROW (L to R): 
Courtney Newman, Courtney Finn, Elizabeth Birle, Jacki Shipp, Jessie Schroeder, Elisa 
Walsh, Margaret Haffey, Paige Gunning, Kim Davie, Holly Mathaisel, Andrianna Orphanos, 
Ali McManus, Hannah Driscoll, Libby Dahl, Meghan Flaherty, Margaret Emerson, Kristina 
Maimonis, Jessie Abrams, Laura Marquart, Emma Rhode, Audrey Cawley 

Girls' Track & Field 175 


A 1 ' 

Yarden Abukasis 

In wild dedication, take the moment of hope and let it rim. and never 
look back at all the damage we have done now... Well. we're changing 
the strings on our guitars: it's been a crazy, sort of a song so far. There's 
no need for a jumble of words, just a thanks and hug. because you know 
I can't get enough. You know who you arc: we made up the best years of 
our lives-one moment at a time. "Cause I believe that we are lucky. We arc- 
golden. And music is our aeroplane. Oh ya. BE ONLY YOURSELF. 

Jessica Ackley 

SLINGTOWN! Ill don't see him by 7:30.... Tasha. don't make the boys crj ! 
Thing I and Thing 2. Jeremiah - to 60 in 10 seconds Jess, it would have 
been you and me! . Earscd pears? Living through your straight hair. Nighty 
ai Chili's with boys many boys. I ley. the b-day song is getting louder.'! You 
might want to discreetly clean that up Natasha. I hold your future in my 
hands!! Dore's class, always good. French with Madame. Plunkctl - Mati- 
zcl's wisdom Such good! Jimsel. you are my sunshine! TEC Room. I'll be 
back! Petie baby - candy? Karma 

Gr v eg Agnew 

Kishonda Allen 


| 1923 PC 2003. you gave me courage to continue, you told me anything 
was possible. Mock Trials: 2.3.4. Site Council: Legislative Coun- 
cil: 2.3. SAB: 2.3. BSA: Frisbee Club: 4. Outdoor Club: 1.3.4. 
French Club: 1.2. Jen... I -4-3-6. Summer at Morrison. S20 Sox games, 
whipping Ben in fantasy baseball. AP Wan- 
dering, couch on wheels. Pats parades, hon 
fires, flashlight tag. football, nerdy Chris. 
Flaherty H block, don't upset the desk. 
I found Nemo. Spongebob Squarepants 
mov ie. Bermuda. 
BC tailg.'ales. ice- 
skating. Prom 2004. _ 
Tupelo Floncy. Yes r 
2004. Thanks to all. k 
"Mark Philippous- 





OMCi thank goodness its all over. To all my friends thank you so much 
for being there for me. Shout out to the certified clinics. SAY MS I \1 
D.B. and to my girl Shcrma. keep your head up you arc one of the realist 
people I know and that's the reason I love you Jayme. my homegirl. I luv 
u 2 much 4 words. All my, Wcslwood friends. S.O. T.W. K.M. M.M. I'll 
miss yall. To Miss Goodloc. thank you so much lor everything I'll miss 
our daily talks in you office. You are one of a kind and I will never forget 

Peter Anderson 

Tennis is so fun. yet most of the team wants... Cio go Boys 
Tennis we are so poetic! Also mock trials. I II, wc rock 
(at least wc won once). Jazz band rock on Charlie I am 
passing the torch to you! I lacking in the me/ and lobby with 
charlieinanger. the ninja. csteban. jive turkey - keep the circle 
aoins: euys. ...And by the way, I still dress myself. 


Phil AngBrson 

Facing reality with the aliens. Mr. Dillon. Hallways of music. Saxophone. 

band, jazz band, pit band, and some of the greatest field trips with Mr. G. 

On the move in the Beige Crown Vic and Hummer limos. Hanging with 

the crew, hacky sack, G- Block (Briannc, Sara. Steve, [and me of course]), 

poker with the guys. 
Hot-lubbing at Ccci- 
lics house. Swinging 
with the best; West- 
wood High Tennis 
Team. Full of bull: 
Weslwood Mock Trials 
team. Wcstwood High 
School, four of the best 
years of my life. 




Jackie Aoude 

Kevin Aries 

"People come into your life and people go. But it's comforting to know 
the ones you love arc always in your heart". I want to thank my family and 
friends for sticking by me for what I consider to be the 4 hardest years of my 
life, so far. SN- x2 forever and always. SN, F.R.L.I- 1 love you girls with all 
mv heart xO. Michael, you'll always have 

a piece 01 n 




"You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough." IDIOTS: phow. 
SH runs, from K A 2 to D A 2. weird mood? i'll miss you guys. I'd be nothing 
without "Fe greenstorm." From soccer to simmsy's basement and the great 
shindigs in between.. .a great time with people who always know how to have 
fun. "Three's a company!" OC parties! dancc-offs with aspring! Venus of Will- 
dendorf! Abrecvs! "the fab4"! trrrrrack! *To the G-Unit. Pajama Game, and 
its theatrical extensions: you will be missed. ..keep it real* Mom, Dad, KT and 
Bry- thanks for everything, love you 
all. (end of chapter.) 

■ ■,:" 

; r^ 


vj^L ^^K ,*i^^^B^ 

Jonathan Arpino 

Official member of the Idiots: 
good times from Operation K.2 & 
TP Kccfcy to the formation of the 
PHOW. and all the Stonchill runs 
and Powcr-45's in between. I'll 
never find a better Dumbo Drop 
team, wc had it down to an art. 
Kecfer. 14 years - pound it. ballin" 
in the streets everyday, Mario the 
S hour saga. Key. me and kecfer 

( College? ) roommate, he's down 
with it. MMM.Falvl. NSBC. Much 
love to the lam. And Stephanie, you 
make me so happy and are truly my 

Ian Azeredo 

Thanks to Bobby. Jesse. Jon, Matt, Nick, Anna. Jen, Nikki, and the other 
tendrils of FC Greenstorm. Thanks especially to Sara as well. Thanks to my 
teachers, and thanks to my family. Here's a bittersweet toast to tomorrow. 

- where wc will all be biting our lips from the 

nostalgia. Here's to Datsun. and everything 
it's symbolized. Here's to Biscuit's sacri- 
fice. I Icre's to lazy summer nights spent 
with friends, some 
I hardly know. 
I Icre's to the laugh- 
ter, here's to the 
> smiles, and here's 
to the tears. A toast: 
to the bittersweet 

Dorothy Bailey 

All my peoples on the METCO bus, I gonna miss our talks. All my friends, 
SW, KA. TM. MS. KS, SC, KB, SP, 1 gonna miss you guys. To my party 
home girls. ( you know who you are) Im going to miss our crazy and some- 
times unexpected nights of fun. 1m also going to miss all my Westwood 
peeps SO. JF. TW. KM. MM. I'll miss you guys. Thanks to Mrs Goodloe 
for everything you have done for me. I will truly miss you. 

Diana lUldassari 

Things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember. Diana Marie, Di, di- 
annita, miss. b... Likes: Coffee, ghetto beach, summer, driving*Friends arc 
relatives you make for yourself- ElTwShJfJmAlDcSwTcCdMcEw. . . *We do 
not remember days; we remember moments-froshA&B, Walmart trips-s&s, 
summer '04,Capc Cod, the Nissan, hockey3, Bestbuddies, NAHS, jr. prom, 
Juanita, singing with sisters-stella n Lindz*... Memory is a way of holding 
onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to , 
lose- the old school. Extended Day, Dunks, "movies", Sharon, murphs, cape 
times. Thanks 

Mom, Dad, Dani- 

elle, Nick, Brian ^^^Wfv^^W ' - »wi ^r MB """ 

Christina and 


AM Berluti 

Katrina Birle 

"With borrowed will; 'Get up!' it said. 'You haven't lost at all. For winning 
is not more than this: To rise each time you fall'" - D.H. Groberg, Track, 
freshman soccer, Key club, Playground and Morrison, Ice Jack's, Shoveling 
the pond, A. P. Bio, Latin, To my family thank you for everything. 

Jonathan Brenton 

Special ode to FC GREENSTORM, we did it right boys. Here's to soc- 
cer, track, the school store, Phantoms, late night drives, long talks. Sobe. 
Subway, candy runs, the best homeroom ever, fire drills, FSU nights, pool 
matches, poker nights, ski trips. Hale, F block physics, Mary Beth Clark, 
biscuit, toy cars, OC parties, Anna beatings, mandatory study, pasta din- 
ners, random hero, NICK'S BASEMENT and everything else that made 
high school so memorable. Here's to my family, my awesome friends, and 
everyone that has always been there for me. Here's to four great years. 

Matthew Brenton 

Four years in one hundred words, 
here's to the long drives, Sobe, soc- 
cer, cool Asians at Subway, track, 
FC Greenstorm, pool games, turtles, 
roof jumping, ping-pong matches, 
family feud and bagel bites, fire 
drills, OC parties, candy runs, the 
school store, the best homeroom 
ever, FSU nights, Hale, beating 
Medway, poker nights, Anna beat- 
ings, Random Hero, Biscuit (RIP), 
Nikki the coolest South African I 
know, all of my friends, who I love 
and especially... Nick's basement. 


"In the end, i can always call my friends, something i pray will be true, and 
in a thousand years, after a thousand tears, i will find my original ere* 
- OAR Keep it real boys, Remember the good times. Simsy's basemen 
Arpino's.Maggie's, Music HR 4 Life, Fire Drills, Beatboxing, the risers, 
Greenstorm-Much love, The grundies, FSU, 2003 JV team, New yrs. (Triple OT{ 
w/ oopie), over/under 3-D, Matt Muldoon, Poker with the crew, Pool matches, 
E.M.B, Sox/pats parades, The Last Dispatch, "gink" w/ matty, Great times 
with Hogie,Nick,Will- The Culdesac crew, Cruckadac- 
tyl living on. Mom,Dad,Samantha- Thanks for the love 

and support | 
"Keep livin' 
your dreams 

Amy Calandrella 

So here I am. up at lam writing my bio like a true senior. Man. vi^^a ndl 
All I'd really like to say is that if I am an orange peel, (and 1 ver^Fell cuula 
be), I hope that at least one of you has been standing upon yoyjSmer's suit- 
case, peering out the porthole on the side of this ship. There isJm> need for a 
mess of initials, you know who you are and you 
know what you have meant to me. What else 
is there to say? 
We have be- 
come beautiful 
without even 
knowing it. 

Tatiana Casale 

Andres Castro 

Mom, Dad and Nastasha, you have always supported me and helped 
me with everything I do. Erin and Christine, thank you for always 
being there for me. You guys mean everything to me and we will 
always stay friends. Mark, I love you, thank you for two unforget- 
table years together. Super Seven, Cape, cruise '04, pats parades, 
movie nights, Florida '05, drives to the football games, sleepovers 

"Your life will have meaning when you can give meaning to it-and only then. 
No one else is going to give meaning to it.". ..Soccer 1,2,3. ..XC 4. ..Winter Track 
1,2,3,4.. .Spring Track 1,2,3,4.. .Key Club 3,4...Ping-Pong 3,4.. .Mr. Burke's 
awful jokes. . .Getting owned by Houston, twice. ..Hardware + Hale Runs.. .Fan- 
tasy Track... Track Fight 
Club... "Brave heart" 
battle scene at Frank- 
lin Park. ..Dartmouth 
Relays. ..Track Bling- 
Bling.. .Pasta Dinners... 
Jeff getting hit by Tats... 
Class D Runners' Up... 
All-States. ..Nick's 
basement.. ."It's not the 
dog in the fight, it's the 
fight in the dog." 

Tristan Cecala 

Freshmen year. Dodgin Seniors. Getting in trouble. Having the elders 
show me the way. UNH Parties. Rastafari, "You provided the Northern 
light to lead me through the haze, and so began our glory days." Workin 
the jobs like a true Sicilian savin up for the Taurus. Fast life junior year 
with the CREW. 4 of us stayed true, CPACK COPIE G TRiX. Never 
forget the cruising, B & R and chillen. The Room. The kids. Senior year 
the culmination. Jd 12 years 1 night. Life is A Beautiful Struggle. Every 
man dies , but not every man really lives. My Father, True Inspiration. 
Lealta. D4L. 

Jad Chahme 

Walkin in wit TriX invincibility by our side. Oreo wars wit Copie, Ms. 
Parks office, figthin seniors. Sophomore year, representin wit C. MI- 
AMI. Cpack, Shaf, Charlieeeee. Shoppin Sprees. Summatime cruisin at 
14. Backyard tent. Chillin till six in the morning. Junior Year, CREW 
and Trybe. Benchin 205. Supra, Mercedez. 120. McChickens. 11:10 to 
8:10 everyday Copie. Intro to Art. Senior year, keeping it real. Cruisin, 
Chillin, R & B. TriX, Copie, Cpack: Loyalty, Honor, Respect. Jamie u 
squirrel. Drop that beat Ragab. YA KYLE. Uncontrollable, Unforget- 
table. Stayin true till the end. D4L. 


F I&4 



Pete Ciampa 

Amanda Citrone 

"A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his 
tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his 
goals." -Lan> Bird 

Westwood Basketball (12 8) Pistol U5. Laham. Leone. Walsh. Harney, 
and Costello thanks for a great season I will never forget the good times we 
had. I'o nn friends PC". DM. DN. MB. JV, CL. CW. and RHU ish you all 
the best of luck. Red Sox "04 World Series Cham- 
pions. Duke, tellies. Patriots. Basketball is like. 
Morrison Season "05. Northeastern 2010 . . 

Cruising with Tina, and Ida. ehillin in the trunk "This is a public street". 

The driveway scene with Maggie and the guys. Random road trips. 

Nights in the cape and hull, beach parties. Hilton Head with 1 : ■ 

ing lor M with JG. The tower, late night "When it gets light oj 

to go home" The time the ear broke down. Net"s sketchy Wesfre" Panic, 

Prom '03. Danica's parlies. Concerts with Meghan and Caroline. Many 

good times and much more to come I love you girls. And to my family. I 




Meghan Clifford 

"Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain..." - DMB. 
These memories will never fade. Jen. Amy and Simone - Always. You are 
the most amazing friends. To my frosh Fridays with JK and CD to sum- 
mer stalking with JG to my ama/ing senior year. I lo\e my friends CR CK 
DS MM MC ND DP TC SH Kl I. WW Hockey - words cannot express! 
Concerts - TBS. Blink IS2 Green Day. Brand New... And last, to my fam- 
ily. Thank You. Mom. Dad. Kara. Kaity and Johnnie - 1 Love you guys so 
much. Thanks for always being there for me. 


Tom Cooney 

Throughout high school I have expe- 
rienced the best four years of my life. 
From playing sports, winning the super 
bowl, to everyday things like hanging 

school to the fullest you have to balance 
doing work and having fun. Looking 
back on your high school experience, 
you never think of all the work you did. 
you think of how much fun you had. To 
quote Lynyrd Skynyrd. "If I leave here 
tomorrow would you still remember 

High will remember me. but I know that 
ill never forget great times I had at West- 
wood I ligh. 

Matt Costanza 

New Hampsire (a Cecilie's. Jacuzzi 
parties. DDR Max. oldschool band 
practices. Pete playing his stupid 
guitar. Mock Trials. "Debate team'.' 
What debate team?", playing cards 
every weekend. Halo parties, mig 
freebloeks. APchem with Griff-daw g. 
AP physics with Clark... insanity, 
rubber band slingshot. Latin 
Kroy. Aftcrschool Ping-Pong. | 
lack circles all over the place. A new 
chool '.' dood times, good times. 



Jacqueline Criss 

Bball State Champs '02. IIASBAC '04, 3/8/03- hold party, LAX State 
Champs '03-BLRMUDA '05, Munroe's couch, X-mas parly '04, TEAM 
SURF GIRLS- .Inly 4th, 2003. Late night coiivos-AJ, Cape Summers, 
CCBL. Sophomore year, post-prom '04, Good XC times '04, XC pre- 
gaming-laughs, singing, remember when game, BC trips and football 
games, movie nights, photo albums, good luck in the lexus. The an- 
swers we find are never what we had in mind so we make it up as we go 
along-BeslFriendsAlways- LFMMAJKM- Some may call us crazy, but 



Nanette Did 

Mike DiSarro 

opportunity to thank all my menus and teachers in Wcstwood nign whom 
where there tor me. Ill never forget Wcstwood. I've learnt so many new 
things . Ill could give one piece of advice it would be to live life to the full 
co/ you only live once . Id like to wish everyone the best of luck especially 
those whom have been there for me he most, JGSCMCMMCDDPMCSO 

".I DiSLE" The Dream Team. I need to thank you "Ray" for getting me 
through the football season. DBC Good Luck with the life ahead of you, 
we have had some great times (SpilVil). SHIESTY The name will wal- 
ways haunt me! FABS will always be FABS..."Why do you hate me?" 
how that pick up line ever worked I have no idea. Kehoc you're a beast 
with the meetings. Ammo we went through a lot and I hope you have a 
great life ahead of you. Jackie it's been amazing having you by my side, 
I don't know where I would be without you ILU! 


Morgan Donahue 


L^ .aaiW* 

Erin Donovan 

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget 
Tatiana and Christine you have no idea what you mean to me. 1 will al- 
ways remember our cruise '04-'05, prom, Disney, our girls movie nights, 
football games, field hockey and of course all of those summer nights we 
spend on the Cape. We will never forget all the good times we had with 
DBC. Mark, thanks for everything. I had an awesome four years of high 


r %i^JjM 

^> Jsi \ m 

I J I* 

Caroline Dumay 

"Sure I am of this day we are masters of our fate, that the task which has 
been set before us is not above our strength: that its pangs and toils are 
not beyond our endurance. As long as we have faith in our own cause and 
an unconquerable will to win. victory will not be denied us." Winston 
Churchill —It's been a crazy four years — Love everyone & my family 
who helped me through. Don't Quit. =) 



Four Years In The Making: 
WHS Football 2000-2004, two 
rings, Frugals, McD's, "locker 
room", Six Flags, Coke Can, 
BBU, Plunkett, The Team, 
Friday Night Lights, Eagle, 
NM/JA, the "back row". 

Clfllie Fisher 

John Mayer - Halloween Parties - Nick's Basement - Ski Team - Snowbal| 
'Fights - Field Hockey - Uncle Jimmy ~ Road Trips - mg & dg - "Ditto!" ' 
- lAve you - Homework Hotline - Hot Tubs in the Snow - Vineyard - Six 
Flags - *Nsync - Callie/Ali Mystery - Dance Parties - "Come & Get 
Love" - Raspberry Picking - Summer '04!! " 
all take different paths in life, but no matter where^ 
we go, we take a little of each other everywhere 
- I'm gonna miss you girls Thanks for everything!" 
I love you all!"A memory lasts forever.Never does^ 
it die. True friends stay together, And never said 



Youth Is All Sports.Football 1,2,3,4 Super Bowl Champs 03' 04'. 
Baseball 1,2,3,4. When you're a playmakcr the rules dont apply. 
TAHITI.Christies.Murphs Place.Morrison, F.CBattles. The Hills. Hotel Par( 
ties. Good times with the 3ir. DBC-"Heroes are remembered but legends 
never die". Murphs House.Leones Basement, Whetstones SB Party.GEM! 
"that was pissahh"-Big Kev. MONTREAL 05'. Cape 05' Marco Island 05'. 
Wolverine Football-Tradition Never Graduates. Thanks mom and dad for 
everything! Never forget being a WOLVERINE! JFabs 32! 

Lots of memories with the girls, dinners, "road trips", the good times just 
went on. en, jm, jr, lm, ks, kb, jk, ga. The ' 
memorable dinner, "its half way easier",, 
"thanks man, you're the best", kitchen* 
floors, our camp fires. A lot of good times j 
^ at the old high school, and a lot of good 

^ « memories of everything, remember, "life's 

^^^^ ^hh a journey, not a destination". 


Munros's couch, Lax State Champs '03...,Bball State Champs '01, Friends 
:),BC trips, Who said Lexus's were good news???,3/8/03,Thc Cape, Ber- 
muda '05, Sophomore year, Cross Country crew '04, New Years, Plymouth, 
RED SOX NATION, Pats parade, Fleet Center '02' '04, Thanks mom and 
dad for everything!! love you!!" You're only as strong as the mixes you' 
make, the tables you dance on, & the friends you hold on to" 

you will never start 
at point 9"^fc- 

Al/M*' "* 

Janna Franchi 

"The years go by. The time, it does fly. Every single second is a moment 
in time that passes oh so quick and it seems like nothing. But when you 
look back, well, it amounts to everything." Chuckie, my little doll face, 
I want to thank you for always being there for me. I love you more than 
you'll ever know! Mommy- 1 love you. Thank you for always believing 

; v 

Meredith Frank 

2003 Lacrosse State Champs (Moss, Luis, Jacks, Al, Kel); 2003-2004 
Basketball Season-upsets and Fleet Center; 2002 Soccer TVL Champs- 
fat kids; reciting Friends quotes with Sara and Anna; Callie Halloween 
parties with Ali, Christine, and Erica; lacrosse marathon runs; 3/8 Bos- 
ton-The Ring with Margaret; supernatural talks with the lax team on the 
Vineyard boat; thank you mom for 4 great years of lacrosse; thank you 
mom, dad, Alex, and Drew for 4 years of support; "It's not whether you 
get knocked down; it's whether you get up."-Vince Lombardi 

Katerina Frangiadakis 

It has been a great four years Kluv...SN, LJ, JA, CM,TC, AB, AJ, MF, 

ED JW... tennis, frosh soccer, "O my God", tennis beach trip, Red Sox pa- 
rade, child proof locks, "driving around before school", LJ's 1 8th, Dunkies, 
Crusty JK. I want to thank everyone who has made these four years such 
an unforgettable experience, especially my friends, SN and LJ, u have al- 
ways been there for me-143. Mom and Dad i luv u so much, thanks for 
everything. .."Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were 
going to die tomorrow" . 

Jaclyn German < 

To my family... Thank you for all your support through out my high school 
experience, including sports, my dramatic life, and everything else you 
have put up with. We've been through a lot.LoveYou. 
To my friends. ..So many memories; Looking for M w/ MC. Latenight ' 
"When it gets light out it's time to go home" England w/ Nanette, loveyou. 
Summer 04, LilJohn&E. Cape-JG,MM-WhaleWatch. LatinKCJG.Monster- 
Jam.Kanye&Usher-KH JG KW MM-Go NutslKH. Skiing-JG CI KW CR. 
Ohio&NewYork BCKE "Can you here me" WWFH "Why don't you take 
them all"KD WWH,sleepovers,dinners,AMP&PB>CR. WSGMD ~Ma- 
nySketchyTimes- BF4E LyA&F JG KW MM CR 


My most significant memories of Westwood High School is being in the 
plays, especially The Pajama Game. Mr. Fanning, Mr. Burke, Ms. Freed- 
man, and all of my teachers always looked out for me and helped me along 
the road of adolescence. I was also in chorus, drum lessons, chess club, 
voice lessons, and the Body Safety Theater. 
I want to remember 
my years at West- 
wood High School as 
iWonder Years." 
to be remem- 
bered at Westwood 

igh School as a 

Bcial kid, who was 

like everyone 

ell - 

Brett Goldman 

John Goodfellow 

Perpetual table/floor drumming at the expense of collective sanity. Get- 1 
ting to watch Mr. Holthouse go crazy "first thing in the morning after my 
coffee. Being a huge metalhead and seeing Napalm Death. Suffocation. 
Megadeth. Nile, and countless others in concert. Playing with Sheet 
Metal- RIP Tommy, you were a great drum- _„ _^ 

mer and friend. All my friends from the 
last four years. 
you know who 
you are. Justine 
Kelly- You've 
made me a bet- 
ter person, thanks 
for always being 
there. I love you. 

Hillary Goodie 

"mG&dG" "Fourtank-bcllebugschar" "Field Hockey I 2 3 4" 'jtaonons: 
"George and the Coke Can - jkpf" "Hot Tub in the Snow" "jWloween" 
"Nick's Basement" Goo Goo Dalls - Slide - jkns" "Nelly" 'jjpciiam Pie 
- ssmcjf "LazerTag" "Dance Parties" "Xcrs with Belle" "Norfolk Cops" 
"Outdoor Track - Jr & Si" "J - O - F -D" "France!" I'll Never Forget My 
Friends. <3 Forever. Mom. Dad. and Courtney - Thanks for all your love 
and support. Love you. 



Susan Greeley 

Heck yes this is the end of my first life. Nothing but love to these years none- 
theless. With such memories as the carport, my stall, and chicken pretzels there 
are obvious things I will miss. To my buds, good luck 

and good riddens to your remaining years. To Tommy 

M., you're in my heart forever, truly loved and missed. 

To Sloan-dawg, you're the best, miss you mom! Ma 

. & Pa, thanks for putting up with me, love you guys. 

To everyone, 
"thumbs up." 
I'm out... / 

Myles Green 

WHS 01-05: Soccer with K and Antonio; fircworks/DPW; llumorock; 200m 
= 27. 1 see; MaxxumS; visual arts in GDI + II/YB/3D and the most incredible 
person I've met Liza -; Dream Theater (Myung!); WOC: hike (hi Simone!), 
pb'ing, overnight; Line!; AIB classes: Kclsch H TJB->???COLLEGE???; 
Amy: smoothies and TJ's; BPL field trip; ARIZONA; Art Scholastics; Ko- 
losso: Mimesis = B+; new school?!; Hellenistic charades; CONN; NAIIS 
+ random clubs; D. Smith = jigga man; RoeheBros; fain ily; "shoutout to 
kim!"; Corolla; getting callipygious at World's; .„„„ 
SIMONF.7! - beach, Boston. Albec, museums, I 
7AM returns, 


ChffistinS Halkett 

"It turns out it's not where, but who you're with that really matters"... 
scniors05 xoxo*. ED&TC, DBC. I'atkids20()3, Superfans, the cape. 
PATSparadc. redsox2004, movie nights with the girls, florida '05. beach 
trips. Mom & Dad. thanks for everything, I love you. 




Ryan Harney 

lit as well shine 
Liddy, Whilcy. 

"the son don't shine forever but as long as it's here we might as well shine 
together..." DBC - Leo, Murph, Zerta, Whetstone, Fabs, Liddy. Whitcy. 
■Fed - good times, pleny more to come: cape trips, basements, montrcal, 
fschool street, leos car, lock-ins, lifers, dollar menu, rojo's, diesels, bon fire, 
bowdoin night, s village, hotels, guard rail, weekend mornings at rochies, 
A-Block Doc, "how arrr, saack. over the edge, guy guy. jo whattup, kniives 
and sheee. ownski, bahoo." sox series at labs'. WorkOutWestwood, WW- 
Basketball-beastly bus rides. Football-back to back superbowl champs, 
morrison hasbecn.,.1 want to thank everyone 

*e, guy uuy. io 



nt to thank everyone 
for a great four years, 
DBC.lhaiix for the 
corruption, mom and 
dad... thanx for all ur 




and aly...good luck, 
hope u enjoy it as 

Amanda Harris 

; We're not trying lo be anything big and fancy, its just lis doing what we 
do and we try to keep it that way".- To all my friends I love you and 
poing to miss you all- J.M. O.I I. D.M. T.R. TO. K.B. A.C.A.C. J. P. 
and lo all my other friends that I did not mention ■"Before you can figure 
out who you want lo become, the world already has an idea for you." 
Be who you want lo be. don't let anyone change that. "Life brings tear, 
smiles and memories. The tears dry. the smiles fade, but the memories 
last forever." 8/27. Prom. Red Sox. and Pats. 


Some of the best times I'll ever remember were in the company of good 
friends. Good times in the Taurus- windows down, music turned up, singing 
for no reason but lo be alive. Frosho JuiSc is #1 in my heart. Lax learn has 
some of the most amazing women I have ever met and the I lockey team 
is my family. Tickle me Tuesdays, I will never forget. Diana is my sister 
through thick and thin. Tom, my brother. For my class and everyone after 
remember "Non, si male nunc, et olitn sic erit" keep on fighting, you'll 
make it 


Tim Holmes 

"Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive." Baseball, bas- 
ketball, morrison- ball, derbys. gym, SOX world champs! Fenway ticket 
lines, rcginas, sox and pals parades, boston, good times at the cape, fish- 
ing, chillen on the boat. Halo tournies. Poker, 
pool. BBQ with friends, wiffle ball, bon fires 
with the po. summer jam. 6flags. Danni- I'll 
never forget great limes, love you. Mom- 






Doris Irwtn 

Jimmy Huang 

ATTILA. Academic Decathlon. Smash Brothers. Anything Goes and Pajama 
Game (Pit Band). Chess. Morning Ensemble. Districts. Library thingy. Jim- 
my Band practices. Dorc's class — wives of Henry VIII. The FON, "if you're 
not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate." Draftdodger paper 
for APUS. Cynicism rules. Is Man Progressing? Gabis's marriage. "Panse- 
ment" and "Shampooing." Hackysack. Qays backing into garage. Poking 
Natasha. Intrigues with Jess. "Nenencnene." Band parlies/trips. Mathaisel's 
comments. Chansons. Free Block Band. Teal 
Warrior. Cap erasers 
during APUS review. 
My pencil bag since 
6th grade. Quizzy. 
Kelsch latc-nightcrs. 
To all friends — much 
U luck next year. 



,-**■' "=«» 

Lauren Jackson 

Starting senior year at a new 

easier by being so friendly and welcoming. 

i/e would be a lost cause. To those of you 

both around the building and in the social 

scene... words can not begin to express my 

igratitude. I'm so thankful for your kindness. 

made, even 
jgh my time 

: was short 
t was surely 

telling schools each 
an effort to social- 
ed me find mv way 




. VI. 

Putting the past four years of my life 
into words is nearly impossible. All 
of my family including my mom. dad 
and Kelly always believed in me fully 
and showed me an incredible amount 
of support. My friends are what made 
my high school experience so amazing. 
I could not ask for any better or find 
others that mean this much to mc. 
Jackie A. Snasr, LBF. 1-inehy. Kat. Ali, 
Jcnna, Andrea, A.l. Kelly, Mer & my 
gymnastics girls <3 There truly was 
never a dull moment. "You only live 

is enough. 

/ X 1^ 

Alison Jacobs 

"People come into you life and people go but it's comforting to know the 
one's you love are always in your heart." Fab5. Absolutely Asia, the goose, 
pats parade '03, lax state champs '03. MV dance parties. New years '03, 
summer '04. Plymouth, slow jams in the Altima, Munroe's couch, beach 
trips, after hours, officially 4th term seniors with Anna, movie nights, "re- 
member when" game, the lucky lexus??. the Howards, picture-gate, Ber- 
muda "05. senior girls, tickle me Tuesdays, "captain's" practices. XC '03 
funny stuff. Thanks Mom and Dad, i ^^^m fl^BIH 

kn e you! ^_^. 

Michael Keefe 


Annie Kelly 

"1000 Friends..." Dumbo-Drop, Power-45, Aries' Wicrd Moods: Dr. Phil, 
Cranky-Kev, Gettin it done while watching Mean Girls every night. Mini b- 
ball w/ Jon - 14 years POUND IT!, droppin beats for lil J, How old are you... 
BABY? Getting McDonalds w/ Tom and J.J why?...cuz I'm HUUUNGRY, 
"I'll fight everyone here!". J.H likes me. Band Battles, Mario: the 8 hour 
saga, "The Idiots", Poker at the PHOW. Rounders, 
NSBC, Fab4. Me and Walsh will cream-cheese 
your car. Grab the ketchup!, Gotta go finish the 
MCAs..."I can do that cuz I'm a dancer!" Much 
love to my Mom and Dad, Thanks! 

Justine Kelly 

Plays, openness, vocal warmups. "you're horrible", gips&pips, Beefy, 
un peu, Wilson-what a rush, magical times (a BG's basement, lost in 
Mattapan, handy me, late nights, "are you festive?," malibu bs-caught J 
on tape, the sac, Johnny/Guster/Maroon5, "who id it?," F.O.N. , floating 
organ,"are you wearing mascara?," Bugaboo, "let it go," Pirates&the 
Captain(2pm), safe space. Knockout Combo, "my little troublemaker," 
honey!. Three's Company, WOW. creepin', sleepovers, parties, dance 
parties & Summer '04. My family: Thank you for everything! I love 
you! My friends: "Thanks for the moments we've shared together!" I 
love you and "I may be leaving but you're ALWAYS in my heart!" 

"Always dream and shoot higher than you know how to. Don't bother just to^ 
be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than your- 
self." - Faulkner DRW — Jahonas, warf, sctually, crossroads, the box, SWERs.l 
shows in norwood, M-we're in public, Strawberry hill, Honduras '04, YLA 
'04, City Reach, the three musketeers, Wazi '03, countless concerts, calc class 
and window markers. Marie-my favorite cousin, thanks for always being there. 
Johnny- a fun two years and many more to come, love you. My family & friends 


the years, I 

couldn't have 

\.» j ^B ^t*' I >■ done it with- 

Marie Kelly 

"We may lose and we may win but we will never be here again." To my i 
friends, you've made these years awesome. Jenn (Kiki)- The games, ice 
jacks and summer of 2004, thanks for everything. Jenna Benna- Grilled 
cheeses, ballet class and March monsters. Andrea (Mary Poppins)- The 
G Show to "Stay" we invented that! Maggie- All five of our summers 
and more to come. Justine- Our talks are awesome. More than a cousin, 
you're a best friend. To everyone else in the class of 2005, have an awe- 
some time with whatever you do, because you all deserve it. 

James Kenney 

"Bell Has Rung its Level 1 " "Microcosmos Lifeguard JVSSEO" "Little CJ Ken- 
ney" "Woodworking with K" "Mr Kodzis: Oh My Heart" "Kendawg2Kenns" 
"Cats/Souls in Ms. Walsh-Sam" "Kidnapped by Erin and Tats" "NCL Dawn 
^Cruise CN" "Wolverine Baseball" "BBU Physics: George&Coke Can HGPF- 
CNRS" "Don John Doyle" "Teen Mentors" "Spanish Club" "Westwood Wire" 
"PATS CHAMPSx3" "SOX CHAMPS" "Old School :New School" "DJvo- 
geIX2" "SAT class with stuffy ACKFCW" "parades in Boston" Thanks to my 
very helpful and fantastic family, Mom and Dad and all the rest! "Only those 
who risk going to far can possibly know how far one can go" (T.S. Elliot) 

,...r\ & 


Alec LaFontaine 

Mom, Dad, Amy, and Gary thanks for always being there for me. You 
are the reason I turned out the way I did... Love you. To the Gentlemen... 
Its been a crazy time. Let's do it up one last time before I leave for NC. 
To my Scallywags, keep up the good work. Everyone at CHCH thanks 
for all the great memories over the past four years. 
Congratulations Class of 2005. 

Chris Laham 

Liddy, Lidds, 19 shirts, C Laham, Westwood Basketball #2- thanks to all the 
seniors and there's always Morrison and Sheehan Basketball. Westwood 
Football #8- Superbowl Champs in 2003 & 2004. DBC-"Good friends are 
hard to come by, but once found they are never forgotten." I love you Dean- 
na and thanks for everything these past four years. Thanks to my Mom and 
Dad for always being there and supporting me. 

Dan Lampie 

Emily Leahy 

Freshman physical science with Dr. R will not be forgotten. The throwing of 
the desk, the burning of erasers on the hot plates, and playing mini hockey 
with mercury reminds me of good times I had. I have numerous memories of 
all the fun I had in band, even thought Mr. G probably believes I talked more' 
than ever played. I will never forget the Cross 
Country running adventures through the woods, 
marshes and fields. Lastly I had so much fun 
participating in Ski 
Team and finally 
beating Chris Fol- 
len in one race and 
at the state cham- 

Andy Lennon 

I suppose in retrospect that High 
School has been kind to me. I have 
friends, I'm going to college, and I can 
count all dee way to schfifty - five. I 
made some good decisions: taking AP 
classes, not eating all the M & Ms, tak- 
ing a partial break from sports in junior 
year. I made some bad decisions. ..Any- 
who. The big thing for four years has 
been hackey - sack. It got me through 

► High School, and it was the means by 
dhich I became the ninja. To future 

'students: Let not the flying hack of jus- 
tice fade from prominence. That is the 
only important thing. Rock On. 

"Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away, and go^ 
ing away always means forgetting." Peter Pan. Never forget the good 
times: dance parties, Cape Cod, Myrtle Beach, scooters = working it, sun 
burns by fires, WOSC trip, fh crew, bocce, weak ankles, coffee talks, late 
nights, crazy frosh year, hockey benching. My favorite mistakes made 
with my favorite people! Some mistakes 
are too good to make just once. To the peo- 
ple there for me through good and bad you 

know who 

you are and 

I love you 


Mark Leone 

Thank you Mom and Dad for all your support. Basketball, baseball, foot- 
ball Super Bowl Champs, Golf state champs. Thanks to all my boys in the 
DBC for being the friends they are. Summers down the Cape. Murph's 
house. Dance parties. Fabs and my basements. Breakfast at Murph's 
place. Montreal- time of my life. Casino. Tahiti. "S" village. "Hootin" 
with the owls." Hotels. Gonna miss the DBC and everyone else. Stonehill, 
class of 2009 with Harney, Whetstone, and Costello. Rides in the black 
jeep. BOSOX. Patriots dynasty. Thank you Erin, for always being there 
for me. 

Aaron Lowey 

As I graduate i 

i»h school. 


ipclla. and f| 

and the teachers that have conic and gone. I was a pail o 
Cross country. All thai running finally paid oil' as captain this year. I want 
to remember my time at WHS as a time of growth and fun and I will always 
remember this class as a class willing to do anything for a good laugh. I 
want to be remembered as a kill who would stand out among people. 1 guess 
everyone does though. That's it. 

Maura Mahoney 

"Best friends are the people worth living for"- JC I.F. AJ. KM. Lax State 
Champs. Bball State Champs. 3 S 03- II Party. Munroc's couch. Cape 
Cod. Lexus'.', picturegate. BC trips. Beach trips, after hours. TF.AM SURF 
GIRLS. M+CHAD. The G's. the guys, soccer parties. Bermuda 05. X- 
Mas Bash, remember when, sandy. "Yeah and it's over before you know it. 
it all goes bv so fast. Yeah the bad nights take forever, and the good nights 
don't ever seem to last." Mom. Dad. Brian & Jake, thanks for everything. I 
lo\ e you guys. 

Kristie Maloney 

"Not as shy as I look"-Piglet "What lies behind us and what lies ahead 
of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us." Memories: 
Band. Prom. AP Bio with Plunkett. Jimmy Band, key Club. Peer 
Counseling. "Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself To 
my friends: "As we go on we remember all the times we had together 
and as our lives change come whatever we will still be friends forever". 
Thanks for all the support and advice! To my family: thanks for always 
encouraging me and helping me unmask 
the confidence I never knew I had. 



Simone Mandell 

Jennelle Marchand 

"This is your one opportunity to do something that no one has e\ er donel ' 
before and no one will copy throughout human existence." Ciood times 
with friends: July 4th a Cape Cod. front steps. Supermarket Sweep. 
Fschcllon. Free Cluster. Dispatch. Woody Allen night w Amy. laughing w 
Meg. Jen and her camera, "the heater kids". RDS in Florida w Cccilic and 
"the costume". B.A.B.B. (a Harvard Sq. and all the memories with Myles- 
Boston. North Find and the bench, beach i 

trips. CT. 7. my best friend, always. Much 
love to my family. Mom. Dad. and Amelia, 
thank you 
for every- 


"Of course, there will always be those who look 
who ask 'how', while others of a more curious r 
Personally. I have always preferred inspiration li 
—Man Ray Thanks for the memories Wcstwoot 
Mass Art. 


Jennifer Marcoux 

"Wc all had our reasons to be there, we all had a thing or two to Icam, 
we all needed something to cling to, so we did." Thanks Mom. Dad, 
Lauren, and Lisa. Senior ('.iris 05 CiLorY dAYs. Florida 04. Summer 
04 & the eape. Playing 4X4. Softball 03 (Pierce.. .got it) Endless road 
trips & sing alongs. Blue Ade. A block Tree. The Kiki's. Ten /cm one. 
The ureatcst came ever, lee Jacks. 

Joseph Mascia 

"I've learned that you can't lake every situation as a lifc-or-death matter, 
because you'll die a lot of times." JMASII. Football 1,2.3, capt.4. State 
Champs '03, '04. Track 2,3. capt.4. Favorite People: MD. AP. TC " 
Where Found: Dohts' basement, my house, Adams, Mikes, gym ' 
Favs: Football, wiffleball. C'ooncy's car. poker nights with the boys, THE ■ 
GAME. Memories: 53. evil robot, C'YO legends, Sox 1918 - 2004. Pats 
parades, long nights in the basement. Celtics Diehards. Thanks Mom. Dad, 
Kristen and Jen, I love you guys. 


Bryan Mathaisel 

High School was definitely a crazy and wild ride, but as I iook oacK, u 
was the greatest time of my life. Whether it was just hanging around 
with my friends, dissecting many disgusting things in Biology (and then 
showing the remains to the whole school), coming up with one of my 
manv famous "Bryanisms," or just being a 

Mike McCarron 

.MS.PF.MD.VM, and GPx3... Paintballing, fishing. Wolverines Baseball, 
ghetto beach, basketball. Weymouth. R.I.P. TCM. 

you to my peers, my 
teachers, and most 

was such good. 

Caitlyn McDermott 

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes, you can 
steer yourself any direction you choose. You're m\ your own. And you 
know what you know. And YOU are the guy who will decide, where 
to go." I will never forget the times that I had at the old and new high 
school. Homeroom, friends, dances (The ones wc went to!), tennis, anc 
everything else. Don't ever forget the good times! Good luck next year 
class of 2005. M. D. N.J, C, S. N, B. and M I love you and will miss 
you. thanks for everything! 

Elizabeth MCEIroy 

High school has had its up and downs. There have been classes 1 loved and 
ones I hated. I will look back on the memorable frccblocks, and the odd 
conversations. I will miss all of my friends as we move forward in life, but 
will always remember them, the drama and the moments of laughter wc 
shared. And to my wonderful family, that I love so much, thank you for all 
the love and support you have given me. Thank you for always bclie\ nig 


Y X \* 

Danny McGinnis 



"You are who you arc. don't try to be 
someone that you are not." Great four 
years! Hanging out. momson. norfie, 
McTicket, scaling, hustling "always 
getting the edge. ""Just trying to make a 
living." Fenway, CELTIC PRIDE, Pats, 
Golf 1234.CYO 05'. Partridge Crew 
(not V) "We cant be stopped." Playroom, 
poker, halo.Ed+Trixie, RIP wood class 
with Ricci. Thanks Mom and Dad. I will 
lea\ e you with this quote "A man who 
does not spend time with his family is 
not a man." - The Godfather 

Maggie McNichols 


Tia Mitdhell 

Being a student at Westwood high has been a great experience for me. Wak- 
ing up at five in the moming.and not returning home until four had a lot of 
adjusting to. So I gave myself about four years to get there. (H AHA) I would 
like to thank all my teachers for being patient with me, and especially my 
METCO director. I will miss all of my friends in Westwood. and all of the 
good times since freshman year. 

1 will remember the good times at Westwood High. The Old School, while 
falling apart, was home away from home for most of our high school 
years. I will miss wiffle ball during free block and spending time with my 
friends in the caf. 

Jaimelyn Mingels 

It began with 720 days of school, I used to ride the bus back then. Best 
year ever! 540 days to go. . .we fit 14 people in Alison's car, Loperconz. Sun 
fishin' is fun. Chunky Noodles is not. 360 down 360 to go! NTC Tie-die, 
special event, the big hill and Apple Sumo. See Sam the fire boy, while 
sitting on the wheelie couch, and listening POGO. 1 80 left. . .crazy Rotary 
Kids, Chalk Phantoms, Mr. Hungary, and 
Pinatas, strike back. "Thanks Man You're 
the best" some of my pals... Court, Jen on 
Fire, Kongers, 
1 Courtney, 
Lizzy, Kdog- 

gers, Jack- ^^^ ^^^ 
star, JenP... \ Wt. W ^'V 


ilia Morozov 

If I don't see him by 7:30, it wasn't meant to be... 7-7 SLINGTOWN "Take me 
home North Carolina!" Froggy. Chipmunks and closet boogiemen. Dunkies - ( 
how fast? 30 seconds? TV 1/3/02 The playground, "so close!" Jimzell, you are 
my sunshine. French class and magic markers Frosh year. "Lady of the Night" 
Dore's class. "Viscous webs of primordial ooze." Quizzy and Ethan. Chili's, my^ 
B-Day song. "Don't make the boys cry!" Jeremiah and my black baby. "We hav| 
first lunch!" Peetie's jollies and "what's your fax number?" "I'm hungry.. .do you< 
have food?" KARMA. Next stop, BEAN-TOWN! 

^ya - 


lunnish/Hunnic Grandfather. Barnes-Rice transition. Pansement. Sham- 
pooing. Plunktron. QAYS MUNIIIR. Acids, fatty. Bruce. Dore's class. 
Mistress of the night. Struggle. Hayes's class. G-Money. Britney Spears. 
Solar System. Baylor's class. Donuts. Off my grill. KELSCH. Ethan 
Frame. Cell phone. How to strike a pose. [Jimmy] Cracking up randomly. 
Madame Flaherty and Dan the Man. Motive. Aicha video. Brice de Nice. 
Iznogoud. Getting 
owned. Jimmy the 

kpuppet. You have own 

'gwoop! Are rhetorical 
questions persuasiv- 
Ae? NO! Skinless rat. 

^guides. Mark and 
Santa Clause. Absent. 


Thank you to my family- I love you all. Football state champs '03-'04. 
k Westwood baseball- weaken the legs, black hole. DBC-its been real, keep 

it goin' through college. Ali-I've had a lot of fun this past year, thanks for 
verything. Memories: Leo's driving, Fabs' basement, Whetstone's Super- 
bowl bash, Harney-guardrail, 
Dynasty-"next," Montreal, 
flip, claws, long nights in the 
cape, summers on the beach 
and boat. School St. retiring 
to the rafters... GONE 




Kelly Munroe 

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impos^HK to 
get." Friends, FAB5, Absolutely Asia, MV dance parties, Pats^»adcs. Lax" 
State Champs 03', The Cape, New Years 03', Soccer sing a lonjj«immer 04', 
lax scary story's, Plymouth, Red Sox 04', Slow jams in the Altirna, beach trips, 
After Hours, The Lucky Lexus??, Remember when game, BC trips, BU shame 
walks, The Howards, Photo Albums, Bermuda 05', my house, "We don't re- 
member days, we remember moments." Thanks Mom and Dad for everything, 
I love you guys. 

Stephanie Nasr 

To my family .. you are more then i could ever ask for. These past four 
years have been an emotional rollercoaster & through the good & the bad 
you've always been there with all your love & support. Thank you, i Love 
you. "Here's to you, my certain few.." my girls- you know who you are. 
x2=u. dance party, omg. #1. so many memories., xo <3 always. "It Lasted 
Forever ... but Ended so Soon" Seniors 2005 - We Did it! <3 







1' ' 

Courtney Newman 

Soo many good memories with ALL my friends: MOM and my motion 
sickness, "The world's all-time biggest sigh"- side profile, Bustin' out 
to tunes in the Jeeps and the Volv...Yea Shania!! D.D.R. us big kids 
whippin' the little ones butts-or vice versa, Genuine Fat Kids goin' on 
excursions!! Court Finn's Driveway: bonfires, s'mores, Marco Polo, 
and Red Rover!!! Parties at Roche Bros., "Hey Mamma", and more!! 
Great times with friends, not much more you can ask for, and I got 
it! My friends can make fun outta almost anything-that's what I love 
about 'em! And they're good for a laugh or two! You guys ROCK!!! 

Chris Nicholas 

Shouts to all my friends - JP my main 
man - good times, cruisin in the TA, 
chillin' w. best friends, Eastern Mash 
Bash?, Shady, fast food runs, clubs, 
memorable summers - Summer Jam," 
late nights, sleep overs, golf w. Danny 
M, beach trips, Nattie, - Old days: DB's, 
griff's room w. MS, BM's- so many 
memories. One Last shoutout to Chris- 
tine, ILY girl 12.15.05...neva forget you 
ppL.UMass Amherst '09. 

Emily O'Connor 

It's lime now to sec thai though the story never ends, let's celebrate, 
remember a year in the life of friends. Freshman bio, l ) 13 03. Hi Pookic.10 
l things, crispcrs. cul-de-sac. getting lost in Maitapan. Johnny concerts, 
musicals, P(>!. slccpovcrs, dance parties. Gary's, (Sips and Pips. Bonis 

and Nathaniel. Al warm-ups. Dad. WoW, crcepin, 
Costa Rica porch and beach parties. Daniel 4 01. 

To Mom. Dad 
and James. 

Mark O'Connor 


Brianne O'Leary 

A figuratively small fish in what was often literally a big pond. Mark ()' 
Connor spent freshman year disliking the nickname "String Bean" and leigi 
ing papal infallibility. Later, he began to devote himself to the in 
important facets of school, such as breaking chemistry cquipmci 
studying "dogmatic, ideological things." I Ic was a "pleasant surprise on < 
the tennis team and achieved the dubious distinc- 
tion of being the first clarinetist to squeak in the 
_ ^^_. new auditorium. 

Never did he lose 

f 1 


eration. His advise 
to future students'.' 
"One could do 

swinucr ol on 

► » V, 

Derek O Leary 

"Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it's been.." -The Grate 
ful Dead, mock trials. "Debate Club", g-block free, deli crew. 9-13-03, 
3-18-05, slccpovcrs. fiestas, april, caught on tape, camaro, the 'sac. 
polaroid, bahamas. 353. To my friends- Love and luck for a future as 
wonderful as the past we've shared. Dad- I finally realize how much 
you've done for me and I love and respect you so much for it. Mom- 
Thanks for being my best friend. I'd never survive without your love 
and advice. Steven and John- 1 love 
you. I'll alvvavs be here for you. 

and litter it.- Thoreau It's all over, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
My best memories are with the soccer team. Coach Burke and Brcnton- it 
was always about more than soccer. Key Club just about dominates every- 
thing, so does French Club. I guess. As for the classroom. I thank all of the 
teachers and people who have helped me along the way. More importantly, 
though. I leave all of my 
love to my family and 
friends- you're the reason 
I'm here today. 

Lucas Parent 

Danica Peterson 

Four years in Nick"s basement with FC Green-storm came and went 
fast. Many hours of poker and crazy nights. Four seasons of soccer and 
tennis, and lots of time killed doinu nothing with the crew. Where did 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't slop to look around once in ; 
might miss it" Ferris Bucllcr. MM. MC. CD. F.L. ND. MC, H\\«, SO. AS 
The good times always outnumbered the bad. thanks for the n^Jnories: Par- 
tics, beach trips, Costa Rica. 6pack, Trybc. the cape, "three-musketeers" (MM. 
MC), X dances, .lad's basement, devil's and dork's. Buckmastcr, Jcnning's 
nature walks, outdoor club trip, parades. Zamboni's, Fugitives, Swimming 

/ & Diving, Track. Lax 
' ' benchers, Roslindalc, all 

you can eat. TCM RIP. 
Tim my best friend al- 
- i ways, ilovya. Mom, Dad, 
Derek & Bry Thanks 
for the support! 


Jesse Plate 

Cecilie Pope 

Few people will be lucky enough to be as happy as I've been with you guys. 
I'll miss F.C. Grccnstorm; Sim's selflessness. Bobby (Turtle's) wonderful 
rage, the Brenton's charm, lan's loyalty. Derek's ability to make mc laugh. 
I'll miss the night's at Arpino's with KccfcAricsWalshCraig. I'll miss the 
girls that put up with us, especially Jen.MaggieYardi. And I'll really miss the 
incredible ladies that made me feel like it was a good thing to be me (Sus- 
icDcannaKasey): "You hold me tip like this, and 
know who I really am. I used to waste my dreams 
on being alive, now 
I only dream of you" 

Thank you all. I'm 
always here for you. 

My boys Greg, Pete, Phil. Steve. Matt; Disney Magic with bow wow chow 
queens; Spanish buddy cartoons; Angels and Sleepiite dancers (with names 
and lines!); DDR dance offs; B Block free; New Hampshire (raspberry pick- 
ing, skiing, moving 60 loads of rocks, painting and the turpentine episode); 
unmentionable jazz costumes; Fridge poetry. Beauty pageants? No. Scholar- 
ship programs; John Mayer concerts; The Vein. Look at the stars, look how 
they shine for you And love most sweet as heart to heart speaks kindly when 

we meet anil 



Mike Pruchniewski 

Jennifer Purpura 



>. '$S. 

( II AMPS* VandiiiC 
- "It's not a field trip! 

Diesel- " don't . 
w iih your fables. 

Siuds -- you can't beat us... 
— Soulhiiiie "Like tomorrow 


Taylor Regai 

fennifer Roach 

"A face without freckles is like a night without stars." TP-ing, boing- 
swack chair, tye-dye, Jersey Shore, Disney World with dance, Woods 
Hole. Jellyfish Song, Pogo, popsicle runs, summer at Morrison, Sox 
games, couch on wheels, Pats parade, flashlight tag, Chris & Danny the 
nerds, I found Nemo. Spongebob Squarepants, BC tailgates, ice skating, 
Prom 2004, Tupelo Honey, chalk phantoms, bon fires, rotary kids,, 
1-4-3-6 Greggy. Thank you mom, dad, and everyone else. See ya later 

ianna Ruiz 

I have so many amazing memories. Who could forget the "Lady of 
the Night" (right Natasha?) or Jimmy's sunshine shirt? Maintain your 
impeccable punctuality, Mark! I won't forget the epic debate on "the 
importance of math" with Jon and Derek, or Kristy's "shoe addiction." 
Liz Chen, will you be "lost" without me? And Mo, I'm positive you'll 
make All-State again. I'll miss super-band parties, Academic Decathlon 
meets, AP classes, and tennis dinners. Best wishes to the underclassmen 
I knew, and infinite thanks to my friends and 
teachers. I wouldn't be who I am today if it 
weren't for you. 

Erica Resha 

"Take chances, lots of them, dream big, dream a lot, because you only 
live once,. ..and you better make it worth it." To my family: "I am every- 
thing I am because you loved me." To my girls: thank you for everything, 
you're amazing, don't ever 
change and I will miss you 
SO much next year. ((Ab- 
Ali- Kindergarten till 
forever. Memories: X- 
Country, Basketball-love 
you girls-South Sectional 
Champs '04((Ash- live up 
to my rep)) Cape Cod, Sum- 
mer Jam, HOPE, New Years 
Eve's, "Pinky swear with 
a kiss,"_ Patriots/Red Sox 
'04. To everyone: thank you 
for an amazing four years. 

>an Rose 

"I'm so glad you came, I'm so glad you remembered to see how we're end- 
ing our last dance together expectant too punctual but prettier then ever, I 
really believe that this time it's forever" -Robert Smith It's been one hell 
of a trip guys. Kosta, I know it should not have taken me this long to real- 
ize, but you are the biggest mess ever. Sharry, put it away; no one wants to 
see that. Before you even say anything Pru, it's a fable. Nick, better luck 
for the Democrats in 2008. Johnny, rock on. Emily, no matter what, I will 
always love you. "Time does not pass, we do." 

ike Ryan 

Forgive your enemies, but don't forget their names. As far as West- 
wood goes, "I don't know half you half as well as I should like; and 
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." To the poker 
kids, I thank you for the money and the laughs. Pats Parades. To the 
NFL, its been great, too many memories. Jd, it's been real. CF1. Mon- 
treal 05, "Spider Man." Birds Nest. Team Regal. Peeks. Party hard, let 
someone else clean up. Good luck everyone. 

Kosta Salemis 

"Is that LEATHERRR?!" Rocking out with Sharry's lyrical genius.. TAHITI 
- "Where true studs dine." Lookin' glam on Halloween, "No, Nick, definitely 
not DPW." Dan - helping fuel the Money Mine habit every week., "Who's up 
for a game of 'Guess what's leakin out of Kosta's car today'?", Costa Rica 
'05 really, you guys know muffins, right? "We've been coming to the same 
party for 12 years now and in no way is that depressing." We knocked on the 
doors of hell's darker chambers Pushed to the limits we dragged ourselves 
in, Watched from the wings as the scenes were replaying, We saw ourselves 
now as we never have seen. TCM 

Margaret Scales 

Unforgettable: Kaytay, Sean, 
KevA, E, Roanna, Arna, Dehigz, 
Woosh, Mark, Jenna, Christine, 
Mer, Ali, Andrea, Dori, Jesse, 
Bob, Nick S, Jon, Matt, Craig, 
Ian, Xammy, Jackie, Kel, Maura, 
Lauren, and rest of Class of '05- 
-Good Luck! Memories: Art w/ 
Ms.LW, Art w/ Kaiser, Soccer- 
TVL Champs, Basketball, Soft- 
ball, Fab4, Proms, Parties. 

Andrea Scanlon 

"I can't remeber all the times I tried to tell myself to hold on to these 
moments as they pass..." I'll never forget: M+CHAD, Jenning's nature 
walks, CHADly weekends, JB, Jenna's attic, Pats parade, William, birth- 
day minutes, road trips, getting low during junior year xc, basketball 
games, snowstorms, T 2 , 4x4, and my favorites Grape Rubiade and Grilled 
Cheeeese. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Greg I love you guys and I'm gonna 
miss you, I hope you can make it through Tuesday nights without me! 

Bobby Schroeder 

raised on the mean streets of islington, life was hard for a turtle, find- 
ing a home in the basement of one of my homies, i got caught up in 
some trouble when i joined up with the meanest gang in town, F.C. 
Greenstorm. Yeah we like emo what you got against that!? Pumping 
FalloutBoy while cruisin 'round the county, sippin back on sobe and 
Snapple those were the times. Chester rumbles breakin out you best 
watch out or you might get hugged. Much love to my girls, boys, team 
pattywack and cool asian guys at subway (r.i.p. =( ) . 

Sara School 

And if you never stop when you wave goodbye, you just might find if 
you give it time, you will wave hello again. To my friends-I love you 
all more than you could ever imagine. Schocker, FH, dance parties, 
creepin', the sac, Gary's, Nick's basement, soccer boys greenstorm, 
lost in Mattapan, 9-13-03, three's company, new years '05, PJG crew- 
ily, bio, johnny, guster, and m5 concerts, whoo! , crispers, wendys, 
summer '04, britney, bob, mumzie, huuuge!, 2pm start, golf course, 
the camry, AFON, Dad, WOW! <3Capt. Biscut - happiness and love 
- thanks. To M&D&T - 1 love you and thanks for everything! 

Alexis Schwede 

LF, DH, AT, KS, JP, KB, KF, JL, MH, KO, DP. Shopaholic sprees ~ Walpole 
mall every weekend. Living at the movies, fridays, chili's, Ice Jack'sand 
pickadilly's. Freedom ~ liscense! ! ! Sci. Team: blowing stuff up, scifi movie 
days, Downey sci. nite, sweatshirts, states, photopraphy jobs. Physics ~ 
6 flags (me being a complete chicken, LOL!) Proms ~ Jr. limo disaster! 
NAHS: Encounter w/ the arts, boston globe award field trips, artist of the 
month, honor roll banquet decorations. Pool parties. Work at fast signs, 
fave old school spots: courtyard, mezz, cafe, fave new school spot: cafe 
west! congrats to the class of 2005! i'll miss you whs! it's been fun! 

Greg Scott 

Alex Sharry 

Huge and Cccilic, can't forget that! Fun limes in New Hampshire: 
watcrskiing, tubing. Chester fried, etc... DDR parlies, even though I 
suek. Freebloeks hacking, insteadof work. Christian. ..Ha... Poker at 
Wolfe's. Halo parlies. Poker at I lalo Parties. Magic. Ms. Walsh. Floppy. 
What time is it? Who eares about the discussions anyway'.' Mock Trials 
= Mock Work (Al least we won for the first lime). The band was ok 
while il lasted. High school was fun. but I'm moving on to bigger, bet- 
ter and more interesting things. 


J , I 


Pool house nights and Christy's parking 
lot. Boxing and paintballing in Dan's basement "black belt in a week.' 
Costa Rica Daydreams: Thank you to everyone who contributed to makint 

videos, rocking through the night. Kosta. you are my little gentleman. Dan. 
"Well, you who doesn't like people?" Pru. "bus?" strong and silent like a 
true sludiesel. Nick: let that heart bleed. To everyone who was a friend, 
thanks for the good times. The Quest continues. "Let the Cowboys ride, 
against ihe wind." Rock and Roll is here to stay. It's better to burn out. than 
to fade awav." /^\ 

Stephen Shinopoulos 

B and G free blocks forever. Mock Trials and "Speech and Debate" team. 
Ultimate Frisbee club. Hacky-sack circles all the lime, doing absolutely 
nothing at all fourth term, finally moving into the new school, trips to 
New Hampshire, football on a sheet of ice. site council hideaway, mock 
trials defeat celebrations, staying in B free, correcting tests in Burke's 
class, taking an extremely hard schedule Senior year for no good reason. 
political debates in every class, random discussions in Malaxos' class, 
hanging out at Chunks' and Cecilie's. and anything else that I forgot. 

,***s * 

Nick Sims 

First you have to take the number of hours spent in my basement, then) 
divide that by 4 then you have how much fun highschool has been. 
Building BMX ramps, jumping oil" the roof, throwing sobe bottles. 
and the many nights of FSU. So remember the noises and turn up the 
headphones. Heres to FC Cireenstorm and everyone else who hangs 
in my basement. With new trends every week, its nice to have some 
constants, thanks everyone. "But at ht ^m 

the end of the day you know where ^B| .M . ^B 

we come from and where we call * V 


Kyle Sims 

As a senior of Westwood I ligh I would 
like to look back on the times I at- 
tended the school. I will never forget 
the MLTC'O program that gave me 
the opportunity to gain a belter edu- 
cation. All those limes complaining 
in the morning about going to school. 
I will miss those moments living life 
as an innocent teen evolving into a 
man. The person I will remember is 
Mrs. Goodloe for helping me out with 
college. The way I would like to be 
remembered by the motto: "I did it 
my way. educated and full of fun and 
that's that!" sign off K Sims aka Mr. 
Sims. Shout out to the Weslwood 
Crew You know how we do. 

Adam Spirer 

Ci block free in the caf 
with friends. My 3-D 
Design table, espe- 
cially during the stone 
carving project. Build- 
ing cardboard bridges 
in engineering class. 
Starbucks coffee in the 
new school! I'll re- 
member the move most 
of all. Fun afternoons 

yearbook committee. The long but fulfi 
in AP Physics. Lots of graphic design. 
Chemistry after lunch. The old school c< 

ing Photoshop on the 
college search. Much fun 

Greg Spirer 

It's been a long road 
and there have been 
times that 1 wanted to 
lean to the side and 
watch others pass so 
that I could have a 

of what was to come. 
However that's no way 

to live. Ifl strayed from 
the front it would have 
been impossible. In a 
world w here over 700 
students are crammed 
into a building six hour: 
bound to be a lime wh 

tours a day and expected to play nice, there are 
: when it doesn't seem worth fighting for and 
e case. Remember, it's your journey, only you 

Rachel Strauss 

Anna Springer 


j "When I'm with my friends. I feel 
home." Much love to FC Green- 
storm, Nick's basement, and the 
girls. Creepin and Mum/ie. Ms. 
I V's math class, and the number 
| 7. Prccshin the abreevs. PA&NC. 
Fat Kid Socccr-TVL CHAMPS! 
FRIENDS quotes with Mer and 
Sara. Homework hotline. OC par- 
ties, and the beatings that went 
along with it. UH BLOW IT UP 
SIZZLE forever. B block ccram. 
Little Steve. RCCOLA. Britney 
<3. Officially being a 4th term se- 
nior with Alison. Thanks to every- 
one, and I love and will miss you 
all like crazy. Kevin, I'll challenge 
you to a dance-off anyday. 

Karen Sylvester 

Nick Thompson 

"its halfway easier with fish" oh the memories... ice jacks, camp fires, 
prom, freshmen semi, MOM, morrison, islington pizza, hallo ween and 
jaimics hair, old school, sneare. JF Walk, best buddies, bdays and pools, 
honor movies, roller blading... "some come into our lives and quickly 
go. others leave foot prints in our hearts and were never the same" the 
crew : CF JK C'N JR JM LM KB JP AS "remember the people you meet 
in life and never be ashamed to miss them." 


* s 



Jennifer visconti 

"It's like an alarm clock's gone off. 
and I've just got to get away. I think 
it was John Lennon who said: "Life 
is what happens when you're making 
other plans.", and that's how I feel. 
Although he also said: "I am the egg- 
man I am the Walrus" so I don't know 
what to believe." DPW uuys? Wailin' 

(iod is watching you Dan Rose. Sub- 

>ween. Sox names on 

Gregory. Love you all. Don't stop 
beliex in". 

Memories: Hockey 1234. There's no ML. in team. Freshman Bio. Rclcva's 
class, Nick's basement, F.C. Grccnstorm, Boy's Soccer. Culdasae. many 
firsts. New years at Annie's, Meg's Cape house. Come and get my love. 
Dance parties. Potato parlies. 1 can still read, let's keep going. Costa Rica 
2005: porch parties and Imperial. "Don't miss you're opportunity to live 
life and have fun, because this is it. and it won't last forever." "I fall asleep 
with my friends around inc. the only place i know i feel safe. I think I'll 
call this home" - I love you all Goodbye 




-* * 

t / IX 

Chris Walsh 

NOW IS OUR TIME. ..If you ask me what life is all about, it's not mea- 
sured by the stuff you have, but by the people you are closest to and the 
memories you make with them. So judging by that, my high school years 
have been some of the greatest of my life by far.. .Baseball is life. ..Bas- 
ketball. ..Red Sox 2004 World Series Champs!. ..Late nights to early morn- 
ings. ..Incredible times... Friends I will always remember... Susie 11/1/04... 
Thank you everyone, especially my family, for 
supporting me 
and making it 
one unforget- 

table journey. 


Tom Ward 

remember the ostrich, the fiailings, and the many attacks. Spanish II for 
3 years, good times with the veterans, dean, molly, vinny, and steve. 
what time will she go to lunch today? sitting in ms. parks office waiting 
to get beasted. murph's. ghetto beach nights, funway nights. the friends, 
The Baldasarri sisters, tim, jayme, douglas, alec, kev, steve, sean, gina, 
and everyone else .have fun in westwood!. maggie have a great senor 
year. Prom '04' good times with diana. the taurus! 

nna Weitzman 

"And I feel fine, so fine, in knowin' that this road I'm wanderin' on from 
time to time always leads me home." Miss and Love you Mom, Dad, Lind- 
say, and Jake. Playing 4x4, Summer '04, Grilled Cheese, Senior Girls, 
The G's, Fab4, Countless sing alongs and road trips. Patriots Parades, Red 
Sox '04, The Cape, Snowstorms, New Years Eve '03 & '05, North Caro- 
lina '03, Pennsylvania, Birthday Minutes, Prom, Florida '04, Basketball 
Games, and of course T 2 . So many times that I will never forget, Love and 
Miss you all! 

Jeff White 

Whitey #5, Super bowl Champs '03, '04, Westwood Baseball "Time of 
your life kid" DBC - jf,ml,rm,rh,mz,rk,ag,cl,md "Yo whattup eesh!!" 
J-Dissle holdin it down at S Village, Dream Team,Tahiti, Murph's Place, 
"D a B or 2 or 3" SHEISTY.... no sheisting! B-E-E-S-T, Marco Island 
- Winn Dixie ! Turkey Time, "Hootin" @ Murph's house, "That was 
%$*#&$ PISSAH!" Montreal '05-, the "tank"... Thank you Mom and 
Dad for everything, Good luck Matt. 


Tom barrelling through the hallways, ostrasizing. junior year, 

Spanish II outrageous! four blocks of flex a day, oh my. the 

friends... Tom, Jayme, Alec, Doug, Steve, Steph, Diana, Lindsey, 
Sean, Matt, b Splinter? ghetto beach nights, such good times 


Sarah Williams 

Finally high school is over. I never 
thought that this would ever come, 
now I am free. I'm ready to discover 
the world, tackle college and live 
the way I want to live. I will miss 
all of the people and good times I 
have had. I will always remember 
the METCO crew, all of the long 
bus rides to school everyday. I will 
also remember all of the good times 
I have had with my friends in school 
and out of school. Mrs.Goodloe 
thank you for all of the help you 
have given me over the years. I will 
miss you all. 

Alex Wittich 

Playing super smash brothers with friends, halo 2 "BOVMAN!", Your 
mother jokes, hacky sack in cafe, I love making music noise and starwars 
effects with my mouth, I made Eagle Scout!, Playing guitar, Drumming 
at lunch table, My Red Volve, 1987, 0-60 mph in 11 minutes! Good car, 
Batman Rules, Inflames, kilswitch engage, nin= favorite bands, Favorite 
sayings= "owned" & "listen that sick double bass drum!", "next person to 
sit down is...", I still ride in the front of the bus, Not failing math, thank 


Ryan Wolfe 

Freshman soccer. JV, the year of Peleterio. CYO basketball. Year 
of the Griff.. .and Denis. Never having a winning record. ..ever. The 
four game-one day tourney. Poker with planeta, mathaisel, luke, 
jesse, derek, costanza, keefe, jimmy and the others. Rounders. Sum- 
mer Sox games. The 10th man plan. Game 5 of the ALCS and not 
going to school the next day. October 27, 2004, 11:38pm. Summer 
league bball. Pickup games at the sheehan. Burke's class sophomore 
year. Video Production with Jim. THXWWHS!!! THXMOMAND 

Emily Woodard 

9/13/03, Wilson, "Come and get my Love", Ditto, "Wrong side of the 
road!", "Have you ever gotten a positive reaction from this?", "You threw 
my door in the snow!", My neck my back, LAVE you, "Just let me love 
you", Goofball, Knock-out combo, Polaroid, 3/18/05, Allen, "Come join 
me on the wall.", "Mr. Conductor man!", MOM, April 2002, Baby bear, 
Post-prom camping, Swimming, Buffet Road Trips, Snowy Jacuzzis. 
"Cause these are the days worth living, these are the years we're given, 
and these are the moments, these are the times, let's make the best out of 
our lives." 

Emily Wright 

Mark Zarthar 

'"So here's to life, and ever) joy it brings. So here's to life, to dreamer 

and their dreams." Soceer. Key Club. Legislative Council. Friends. Play _ 
musicals. EmcrsonFcst. Antigone. Team Aquamarine. Milanos. Singing. 
G-block Independent Study. A. B. and Ci frees. Tao of Pooh. Norman 
Conquest. Attila! Dissections. Libcrum Veto. Chansons. Frenglish. 
Swinging birches. Tragic heroes. "Dogmatic, ideological things." New 
school! To all those who have made these years wonderful: "May all your 
storms be weathered, and all that's good, get better. I Icre's to life. I Icre's 

I to love. Here's to you." Thank you! 
"The road noes ever on and on..." 

"Four years to graduate, a lifetime lo remember." Football, hockey, ami 
baseball. SupcrBowl Champs '03. '04. Tom AC I. '0-4-"05. DBC - RMIi 
RH. ML. GW. JF. CL. JW, MF. Dance parties at Murph's house. Fabs' base*' 
mcnl. Leo's car. Whetstone's super bowl hash: Best way lo leave as champs. 
Summers in the cape. WOW work out westwood. Pats. Sox nation. 
Celtic Pride. Soph year cruise. Lifers, lock-ins. "Huuddja". "jo watiup". 
"saaack". "son", "guy", "how arm", "i dont mlling kniving know." Thanki 
you Taliana for the best two years (N 4 03). I lo\e you and I'M miss voul 

next year. Thank you 
Mom and Dad for all 
that you have done 
for me. 

Ben Zwalsky 

Alter a rough start with my Freshman year where my grades were not 
so great. I am happy lo say I was able to turn around and substantially 
improve. Sure we have all slacked oil or procrastinated. For me. it was 
doodling in my notebook during class. But I was able to get my act 
together and improve more 
and more from Freshman 
year, to Sophomore, and 
then Junior year. I was also 
I to finally get out of 
asbestos clad place that 
as our old school, and ti- 
illy spend my last months 
: in a newer, nicer high 

The continuous line for the Senior Biography 

awn nv i ne niiiieiv iciic 

Roanna Ruiz 

Thanks Roanna! 

I. Yarden Abukasis. leave Vinnie and Meredith the purple ribbon of authority. My 

brother. Tai. the era/iness of our family. My theater kids all the greyest adventures. 

Jospeho the plastie bag on a windy afternoon. 

I. Jessica Ackley, leave Adam the new building - keep it clean. Jeff. Adam. Matt. 

Katie. Annie & Rachel, the strength & ability to accomplish anything you can dream. 

Bean, the ability to be anyw here except class. 

I. Greg Agnew, lca\ c to Chris: my Subaru and Jamal's shoe. To Al: my ability to win 

the office pool. To Jake: my title. To Alex: great times in Mock Trials; and to anyone: 

locker number 538. 

I. Kishunda Allen, leave Marylynn our E Block chats - I'll miss you. To Myesha. 1 

leave you all the drama you can handle cause you got plenty of it. And to all the other 

METCO students. 1 leave that long bus ride to and from Boston every day. Peace 

out. Its been real. 

I. Peter Anderson, leave the trumpet section and the hack circle to Charlie Leibson. 

I. Philip James Anderson, leave: To Mohammed I ladzipasic- The leadership of the 

saxophone section. To David Anderson- My position in the hacky sack circle. To 

Alexander Frost- The "quote" book, and my seat on the tennis bus. 

I. Kevin Aries, leave: the g-unit "hide and go seek"; Alfrost, JoeD. 

Follen and Kyle the stage: Liz 7:20am car rides; Nikki & Sarah Glen Rd: Sara-student 

council: Malachy & DwyerTL-Allstars: FUN is up for grabs... 

I. Jon Arpino. leave Li/ the PHOW (use it wisely). Male - the brother I never had - 

my blessing. Kat AIM. CoolTom2X - 500 in the streets, and Steph SMB3 with hope 

that you w ill some day beat the game. 

1. Ian A/credo, leave a funny smell in locker #545. 

1. Dorothy Bailey, leave Myesha my home girl all of our memories and parties. "I 

just danced with that girl". To Cassie. I leave you Black Planet with all the old men. 

To Jessica. I leave those long bus rides. 

I. Diana Marie Baldassari. Leave Lindsay Marie Baldassari the keys to the Nissan. 

an unforgettable senior year al Westwood high and good times working at extended 

day And also leave Lindsay Baldassari to Steve Walsh. 

I. Katrina Birle. leave to Lizzy Urabus. to Margaret II. the duty of organizing, to 

Hannah the title of shorty, to Megan driving, to the track team great seasons, to my 

brother I leave my chores and annoying our sister. 

I. Jonathan Brenton. leave to Mo pasta dinners and four corners, to Malcolm never 

ending practices and control over the water, to Jeff long runs and six more seasons 

w ith Neil, and all of my skills to TJ Gears. 

I. Matthew Brenton. leave Nikki an empty backroom and a year-long invitation to 

Lehigh. Jeff Moriarty a terrible 4\,X00 team. Mo the keys to the Volvo, Malcolm and 

Jeff no ride home. Lowey a box of cookies and BJ throw-ins. 

I. Craig Bycr. leave the 2003 .IV soccer team as a whole. And to Matt Donahue, the 

povv er to get his ovv n ride after practice. Much love guys. 

I. Amy Calandrella. leave Alex Frost the four right chords that could make me cry. 

Jo my brother. I leave you the pseudo-courtyard. Learn to love it; it's in your blood. 

To the (i-Unit juniors, what happens in the little theater stays in the little theater. 

I. Tatiana Casale. leave to my Super Seven girls more great times together, football 

games, missions, sleepovers. and being a big part of our team, to Ashley and Sarah. I 

leave you my ear to continue your boy-scouting after school. 

I. Andres Castro, leave to all WHS underclassmen and faculty a magical withdrawal 

drug to ease the pain of my absence. 

I. Amanda Citrone, leave Tina Fabiano responsibility to carry on with the cruise. 

I. Meghan Clifford, leav e Gallic sundaes, rollerblading and carrides w ith Kat. CI - a 

vcrj expensive phone bill, Kl 1UL - my amazing laugh and a nice tan. Gaite - Dav id. 

and I loekey - I leave you a great season, amazing coaches and 4AM. 

I. Tom Cooncv. leave my station wagon to Vinny Murphy, figured it fits nicely in his 

garage. I also leave my work ethic and determination to whoever finds it. To my sister 

Katie. I leave good luck and many fun times with her friends. 

I. Pat Costello. leave Max Dorseh mv spot on the squad. 

I. Jackie Criss. leave the girls bball team a winning 
tradition. Dcanna to be a nice captain, Taylor Preesh 
and Sara- another LAX State Championship, Casey- I 
leave you the Volvo & fun 4 years at WHS- live it up. 
1. Dan Crowley, leave my parking spot at Nobles to 
Jimmy Gavin. 

I. Mike DiSarro. leave A THANK YOU to 
ev cry one I've been vv ith throughout the v ears. |Y_ 
It was an amazing four v ears and I w ill ncv er \W[~ 
forget them. I saw something I never thought fSM 
I would see TC, ED. I leave some success to 1; ' 
the lacrosse team... HOPEFULLY 

I, Erin Donovan, leave to the super seven I 

of the field hockey team lots of fun and great 

memories - be careful on your missions (-Mora)! SB and AP 1 leave you many 
sleepovers and good times at the football games. I leave a great high school experi- 
ence to all of the underclassmen - have fun! 

I. Caroline Dunlay. leave to the girls' hockey team, being on time to school. To 
Brenda McCabe and Steph Michaud. 1 leave lots of luck and love. To everyone I 
leave the oppurtunity to have the best time of your life — do what you will with it, 
make it good. 

1. Joey Fabiano, Leave my lengendary number 32 to Anthony, the DBC legacy to 
future wolverines, and Tina a tough act to follow. 

I. Patrick Feeney. leave no regrets. I wish to leave the team with the sled, weight- 
room, car pushings. and the challenge of winning another bow I. I also want to leave 
behind the flat tires. 

I. Courtney Finn, leave the girls swim team the games, bus rides and the ability to 
be awesome. Maggie M the fun rides to and from school, Katie C, Erica Z and Leigh 
c-bloek free, everyone good years (a WHS. 

I. Callie Fisher, leave Jessie - My chair lift buddy Jbond - The world! Chris The 
team Matt Center of attention Mikey Quiet house, love, luck. & mom to yourself 
Mer - Drop-In Greg - Official Chauffeur Cassi ( Buddy) Johnny! Gaite Latin Gal- 
lie - My name ~ hold strong! 

I. Lauren Fitzpatrick, leave Dcanna to be a nasty Senior and win every game, leav e 
Sara. Steph and Taylor to take over Lax and keep up the tradition, leave Alex to own 
on defense, and Paul to live it up in high school. 

I. Katerina Frangiadakis. leave to my tennis girls the fun car rides and the tennis 
cd's. To my brother I wish the best of luck, love you. 

I. Meredith Frank, leave Alex number 1 1: Gallic and Gaite morrison night tennis: 
Kat and Steph Catz with Kevin and aerobics workouts; Dcanna boys basketball 
games; Joan top of the runs; Sara three sports and Friends quotes. 
I. Jaclyn Germano. leave Jenny&Julia the greatest times you could ever possibly 
have in high school. Kaitlyn. the ability to be as loud as you want at all times. 
Kayliegh. I leave you the freshman boys. Ashley, you may follow what you wish. 
Everyone else I leave you the rest of your high school experience, it goes by so fast. 

1. Michael Glickman. leave all my resources of information to all future students of 
Westwood I ligh School, so that they can be as knowledgeable as 1 was. 
I. Johnny Goodfellow. leave to Greg Good fellow the ability to wear metal tee- 
shirts and long hair without anyone thinking he's me. 1 leave Alex Shapeton the 
ability, nay. the duty to say "I luzzah!" after all occasions of great excitement. 
I. Hillary Goodie, leave Belle our Xaverian loves. I leave Bugs Nelly and the Goo 
Cioo Dolls, and I leave Char lots of Fourtank love. 

I. Susie Greeley, leave Banis profanity. Liz G. jo' what up keid'.' Wiggin all I have 
to say is. "Shift." The rest of you - Cafe West gift certificates. RIP old school. 
I. Myles Green, leave the WOC... ('.'); the Nat'l Art Honor Society (a SOCIETY, not 
a club! ) to any and all who w ant to be a different color: and the college application 
process to every single student of Westwood High School. 

The Senior Will 203 


/ 1. Christine Halkctt. leave Sicph a ureal senior year, Amy and Pete a fun tour years 
at Westw ood High, and to the soeeer team, tat kid dinners and lots of luck. 
I. Ryan Harney, leave my spleen and defensive skills to Okie, my football eleats to 
Jimmy V. my good looks to Brody. and my nagging skills to Obie. 
I. Amanda Harris, leave to my sister Danielle the ear rides to school. To Jess I 
leave all the tun times in the eat". To Trisha I leave B-Block lunches To D Mae. D- 

I Block study. And to my Friends an amazing High School experience, Enjoy it. 
I. Stephanie Hilton, leave Steve my heart. Paul I leave Maggie. Gina a hairbrush, 
molly vv the gym. lindz emphysema. A.Shortt a cat imitation. KatEgitz I leave silent 
car rides, the hockey team "Tickle me Tuesdays". The lax team a run. 
I. Tim Holmes, leave my sister Kathleen an awesome time at Wcstwood I ligh and 
the black Taurus. 

I. Jim Huang, leave Andrea. Alanna. Stephanie library thingy. Charlie Jim- 
my-Band. AD "failure". Ramses. David-Anderson. Rick-Pond undying hatred. 
Poru> "bleh". Simon. Martha. Laurian. Cara. violinists EarlyMomings. Will- 
Sharry handshake. Carney yellowdart. A-Wolff. A-DeParolesa. A-Teebaggy. 
) D-O'Connor. K-Bean my sister. S-Wright Andrea. S-Ragab YourBrother. 
Yiviane. Jamie. Shapeton. Steve. Justin, etc. more loathing. 
I. Dori Irwin, leave singing in homeroom to AMAC. hugging people in the hall to 
AWC920. Meals break dance <<i school, ice cream in the rain to Jess Abrams and 
Sam Ronan. track slow pokes you know who you are. 

I. Lauren Jackson, leave my sister Kelly the determination to become whatever she 
vvants to pursue in life. 

I. Alison Jacobs, leave "the wrath" to Steph Egizi. Sara Harrington, and Taylor 
Obey. "Bus sing alongs" to Amanda Lever, Kat Egizi. and Joaner O'Neill. "Dad 
Jokes" to all the hockey girls. An "empty seat" to Amanda Lever. 
I. Michael Kcefe. leave my sister the white mini-van. the library peace and quiet. 
Hilary Bart... she doesn't even go here!!! Liz my dance skills and good looks, 
Malcy my white hat. Tom my physical strength, and J.J my 1000 friends 
I. Annie Kelly, leave to Emmy-all my love&Angie. Kathleen-one more awesome 
year!. Tara-frcaksiamesetvv in power, Katic-p.d.s galore. Susie-dance captainship. 
Jessie-my heart&soul!. Courtcncy-thc right name. G-unit-hide&seek&L.T. secrets. 
Li/zy - great limes. Katie 1 1. -"the queen." Soph- rides&fun. Alley&Jocy-smiles. & 
love to my theater geeks! 

I. Justine Kelly, leave Katie Sugg a stress-free senior year, leave Jason his own 
bathroom, leave Alex Shapeton many more fun labs, and leave my locker to some 
unfortunate freshman. 

I. Marie Kelly, leave Andrew Puopolo the HPAD. Mac Pendcrgast the ability to 
sing Whitney Houston. I leave Maura McGinnis the ability to put up with Mac. and 
I leave Andrew Keches banana bread and my heart. 

I. James Kenney. leave to Bryan Bart a lifetime membership to the Rocky fanclub 
and a tough act to follow. To Everyone else: a great time and good luck, you're 
gonna need it! 

I. Alec LaFontainc. leave KK and Amanda true scally ways, my Dillon jersey, the 
Boston Parades. I leave Hibbz my Goonies DVD 

;I. Chris Laham. leave my brother. Nick, a good high school career. I leave my 
basketball skills to Pat O'Brien. I leave Jason Urdang the effort award in football, 
and Dcanna a good senior year. 

\ I. Andy Lennon. leave the hack and Frisbee groups to the future students: the title 
) of hack master to Charlie Monger: that's actually about it I'm going to keep my 

f stuff so too bad. 

I. Mark Leone, leave Jason U motivation in sports, to Jimmy Vanaria the yellow 
folder, to Mark Brodcrick and Max Dorsch the basketball team, to Sestito fairway 

\ acres, to Brodcrick. Dorsch. Goldy, and Obie. an open invitation to Stonehill 

I. Marc Lesage. leave my sister three more years of fun. I also leave the junior girls 

great memories of myself. I also leave all the construction workers good luck in 

someday finishing the school. 

I. Aaron Lowey, leave my locker to whatever freshman gets it. my books to the 

next sorry junior taking that class, and 5S to drew for good luck. 

I. Maura Mahoney. leave Taylor. Max. and Tricia- Neighborhood memories. 

/ Dcanna- Wcstwood Girls BBall ami Riles Sara. Steph. and Taylor- Wcstwood Lax 
domination. Dre S- An even better lax career then Mer. Jake- An awesome, exciting 
3 years. Live it up. because it goes by way too fast. 

I. Kristy Maloney. leav e to Amoula I lamdan the clarinet section of both bands and 
to Aria Bonsignore-Bcrry. Liz Chen. Margaret I laffcy. and Alanna Wong I leave the 
hope for a great senior year! 

I. Simone Mandell. leave Amelia Monday mornings at 6:30. the old bus route, 
and the traffic jam on the sprial staircase. 

I. Jennclle Marchand. leave Jamie the cutest rocker in town! I leave to Suzanne 
and Paige the coolest girls in school, and to Rob. I leave mov ies at the 
community theater. 

I. Jennifer Marcouv. leave the softball team a winning season. I leave Maura abil- 
ity and strength to deal with Mac. I leave Casey and Dcanna the long distance runs 
and the back of the bus on away games. 

204 The Senior Will ^v 

I. Joe Mascia. leave Gcntilli. Urdang, Jimmy V and the rest of the football team the 
rights to late night McDonald's runs after vv ins. Good Luck boys. 
I. Bryan Mathaisel Jr. leave my sister I lolly a new high school which is finall) 
done. I leave Simon, you know what. Finally. I leave my friends good memories of 
the times we had together. 

I Mike McCarron. leave dean. matt, v inny and brian the responsibility of stay, ing 
fully hy dialed and hav ing fun. 

I. Caitlyn MeDcrmott. leave Claire Maniei. Jimmy Vanaria! To Maura McGinnis I 
leave the tennis team and all of our traditions, and to Lauren I lurncv I 
leave, my "Bouncy Balls!" because 1 am a good sharer! 

I. Lizzy McElroy. leave the fun days of high school behind. I leave my locker 646 
to a freshman. The days of high school should be a time not to be forgotten, so 

I. Danny McGinnis. leave Maxwell Raymond Dorsch and Mark "Big Beed's" 
Brodcrick my CELTIC pride, and Daniel P. Nally complete ownership of the Golf 
team and Partridge dr. I leave Krista the playroom, and Maura the Monte. 
I. Maggie McNichols. leave A Pops onion bagels. Paige the big Party P. To the 
sw imteam many vv ild bus rides and games of 1 lingers! To John I leav e a sombrero 
and to Dave Fairneny I leave my couch. 

I. Tia Mitchell, leave my kind-hearted spirit to Myesha. Don't get caught up in any 
nonsense, you only have one year left. To the MFTCO crew I leave a brand new ami 
clean room. Please do not destroy it. 

I. Qays Munir. leave the Munir legacy to my brother Fahad. Be strong and tena- 
cious. I might beat up on you a lot. but it's only for your own good. Oh yes. and 
Simon, for you I leave the lovely Alanna. 

I. Kelly Munroe. leave Steph Egizi, Sara Harrington. Taylor Obey and the rest of 
the lacrosse team the nice long runs during season. And to Steph Fgi/i. I leave the 
room key to our favorite person. 

I. Ryan Murphy, leave Urdang- a presence in the hallways. Brookscy- Islington. 
Vanaria- a presence on the D. Gerbil- sneefs. Zhou- Mobil. Mellor- the nightlife, 
live it up like I know you can. . . 

I. Courtney Marie Newman, leave Steph G.F.K. excursions. JcnD. fun in the 
street. CourtC. managing, you three a ROCKIN" Senior Year!! Mom. Dad and Dani 
happiness, love, Dani responsibilities of the full-time F.K.. trips to v isit! Everyone: 
Enjoy! Have FUN! Remember, "There's a little bit of fruitcake left in every one of 
us!" Lots of Luck! 

I. Chris Nicholas, leave the all the S.Fs. like katie. in charge of Cafe West. ..This ba- 
gel and Cappuchino are for you... Jack u'll be remembered -have fun in the south... 
Rizzo keep it real... 

I. Emily O'Connor, leave Alley Kay. Katie 1 1.. Kathleen and Susie Mac all the 
sleep-tite memories, and to the Costa Rica juniors, all the happenings that vv ill stay 
in Costa Rica. To Liz Goodridge. keep belling out our select chorus solos. 
I. Mark O'Connor, leave the tennis team and my sense of sartorial splendor to 
Dan. the prima-donna chair and a black icicle to Amoula. a passed paw n to 
Mr. Kulick. and the spirit of pi to whomever needs it. 

I. Brianne O'Leary, leave Tara Scaright the power of procrastination. Jell Poreda 
and Super Steve the presidential reign of Mock Trials and a winning record, I lallie 
monkey island and tons of love and to Katie Wiggin pink polka dotted shoelaces. 
I. Derek O'Leary. leave the soccer team to Mo. SupcrBand to Gear) and I rangieh. 
French Key Club Presidency to Brunes. O'Reilly Factor to Ryan. CYO basketball to 
Noonan(animal), the Senior class to whomever wants it. and Jesse: 65 Snickers bars. 
I. Lucas Parent, leave Mike Joe and Frost the tennis team. DK number I singles. 
and Malcolm my soccer skills. 

I. Danica Peterson, leave my brother Bryan, the house all to himself. Meghan 
Davcy - my bike, and the swim team - the back of the bus. 
I. Jesse Plate, leave timeless ear rides to Yoni and Pat. intense stories to the track 
team, some stupid joke that she'll pretend to like anyway to Dcanna. a quick burn 
on Walsh and Derek, and a bag of tricks lo Arti. 

I, Cecilie Pope, leave laurian Pope my parents, an empty house anil our craziness, 
Jessie Bond, my life long tips, advice and the jaguar trips lo Dunkics. Mini a silent 
house phone, and Joey Frangeih. my commitment lo Ensemble 
I. Mike Pruchniewski. leave Mall the prestigious title of: StudDiescl. and to Mi- 
chelle, the Grand Prix ami many wonderful memories. I love you both! 
I, Jennifer Purpura, leave the white ivories of the Jazz Band to Jess Lui, the fabu- 
lous clarinet section of the Wind Ensemble to Amoula 1 lamdan. the discus to Paige 
Gunning and band locker 56 lo Steve Fanara. 

I. Erica Resha. leave Jason long, snowy, walks to the new high school and "the 
baby." Ashley : #22 and TVL boys. BBALL girls: success. Molly I: ice coffees. Liz 
and Kathcrine: my stones 

I. Jennifer Roach, leave to the track team: crazy team spirit, which it's desperately 
in need of. and an empty hurdle race. To my brother Chris: the joy of taking out the 
Hash every Monday morning, and Jamal's shoe. 
I. Dan Rose, leave Sean the awesomencss of the Rose tradition (good luck): Brian 

P the duty ol twisting like it s your job: and Perka the realization that Perka is the J 

• trips to Dunkics. Mini a 

I. Roanna Ruiz, leave the "black icicle captaincy" to Amoula. my "Decathlon 
.spirit" to Stcph Chin, and my "musical coinage" to Mo. I leave our tennis motto: 
"keep on kccpiif on" to Maura, and my tennis game to Cousin Chen. 
I. Michael Ryan, leave to Andrew Keches a numa numa jam session and to the bird 

I. Kosta Salcmis. leave to Mr. Mao 1X0 prematurely sniped cappucinos, and to 

Shapeton the honor of continuing the timeless "huz/ah' legacy. 

I. Margaret Scales, leave morning car-rides to James. Deanna. and J.J., Soccer 

traditions to JBond and the team. Art gossiping to Casey. Ash. and Caitlin. and lots 

of luck to the Soccer. Basketball, and Softball teams! 

I. Sara Schock. leave: Katie the secretary handshake, Nikki my Britney collection. 

Meredith The Best of Cher CD AND DVD and director Rich, and to Caile I leave 

the Tunnel of the North, crazy times, and all my love! 

I. Bobby Schroeder. leave nikki - F-block free. Yoni - the skills that kills , Ferrari 

- the handshake. B.J. and Lowe fun on D. Deanna - Incubus, crabby patty and 

tony - the legacy ol'jcn 

1. Alexis Schwede. leave 3-D table all the future adventures, pranks, and arguments; 

my science team buddies: sweatsirts, explosions (and the stress that goes along); 

Kristen Fcdcrico: the job of Secratary for NAI IS; and Bryan Peterson: the Sehwed- 

crson family legacy. 

I. Greg Scott, leave the auditorium lobby to next year's seniors; Take advantage of 

it! I bestow my hugeness upon Mini, and I leave the Lexus to him (even though he 

can't drive it yet). 

I. Alex Sharrv. leave my small role in the yearbook to Cromack and his slack for 

Liza to pick up: to Keches. my fair complexion; to Will, the dirty, smelly Explorer. 

I leave to Brent, cuts from the crease till you graduate. 

I. Nick Sims, leave Nikki my basement. Yoni getting the boot from the library, 

soccer boys "on the line". Lovvey cookies. Mo. Sam and Laura band captains and 

cowbell. TJ Gears the tacos song and Hootie. and JSchro my headphones. 

I. Adam Spircr. leave all my memories of the new school move (a truly memorable 

experience), as well as a design position to fill on the yearbook committee. 

I. Greg Spircr. leave my perseverance to all who may need it. I also leave a spot for 

the underclassmen in the TEC homeroom and hope that someone joins the fun and 

share what fun I had the past two years. 

I. Anna Springer, leave Nikki- Little Steve, and RC Cola. Soccer Kids- Lake 

Shore runs. Kayla. Stcph. Caite. Nikki- the handshake. Sara- FRIENDS dvd's. 

Kayla and Sammy- Temple Beth David. Jason. Paul, and Trieia-the wifflcball 

league. Abby- venting sessions. 

I. Karen Sylvester, leave free blocks in the tec class to stcph, to josh playing a fun 

game, and to liz. living up to our eraziness, if you havent already exceeded it. 

1. Nick Thompson, leave Liza another Thompson for four more years. To Gregory, 

the best high school in the world and to Charlotte an amazing senior year with the 

people she loves. 

I. Jennifer Visconti, leave Boys' Soccer, a hotter manager. Hockey Girls, great 

memories and love, Amanda Lever, the walk of shame. Schro. good music and 

getting OVER IT. Joaner, rides in Heather, Drew, cookies, Tom, the legacy of your 

siblings and the opportunity to make your own. 

1, Chris Walsh, leave Connor the desire to reach his full potential, Ryan the mound 

and morning throwing sessions. Michael a great high school career down the road. 

And I leave Susie an open invitation to Yale next year and incredible memories. 

I, Ryan Wolfe, leave Richie Travels the pride of St. MM's CYO basketball. Donal 

Lyons the power to transfer to Sox nation. Matt Noonan all the mad street ball 


I, Emily Woodard. Leave Katie W, Katie S, and Tara the corner. To Susie M I 

leave the crybaby and the responsibility to play Craig David everyday. Laura you 

receive my undying love. To Liz Chen I leave Kcnsing. 

I. Emily Wright, leave to Katie, Tara. Joey, Alex, Chris. Kathy, and Meredith. 

the new auditorium; to the second sopranos, courage; to Liz, the Constitution; to 

Alanna, bio memories; to Dan, my vote; and to Stephen, the legacy of the G's and 

lots of luck. 

I. Mark Zarthar, leave the football team a dynasty in the making. I leave my 

height to Nick Sestito and Donal Lyons. I leave my right knee to anyone who needs 

it, and the # 24 to anyone who feels that can handle it's expectations. 

I, Ben Zwalsky, leave behind my Spark notes to all the lower classmen that may 

need them. I also leave behind my half empty sketch pad to those compulsive 

doodlers and amateur artists, who are bored during class. 


times in class together. 1 also leave Sara the cutest freshman. 

I. Tom Ward, leave Steve Walsh, Platipus; Gina Pizzano, Hedge clippers; Sean 

Terry. Twinky; Molly Tamilian, Seventeen Dollars; Lindsay B, Paris 

I. Sarah Watskv. leave KABOOM day and Roy's room to my sisters, Lizzy and 

Rachel, and to Mini G. To other language lovers I leave the door open to study 

abroad and follow your dreams. 

I. Jcnna Weit/man. leave Lindsay cold bus rides in the morning. Mom a comfy 

bed to borrow, and Amanda Lev er all the dead arms in the world. 

I. George Whetstone, leave #54 to Vanaria. IO-3-9cr hockey practices, Sebet. Gav 

and Dimar 'Zo-creelch', Physics Celtics talk to Dorsch, the best of luck to Football 

'05. let's get a tri-pcat...To all that think they can handle it— The DBC night life. 

I. Jeff White, leave my brother three more years of fun and the Grand Prix, to 

Kevin Brookes. 25 touchdown passes and to Buzz... infinity and beyond. 

I. Tim White, leave Steve Walsh a fire extinguisher and Ilex English; Allie Lampie. 

I. Sarah Williams, leave the long rides to school everyday to Myesha. I also leave 
Myesha all of the parties thai we used to attend faithfully. I leave all of the METCO 
stuff to Cassie. Courtney and Marylyn. 

I. Alex Wittich. leave: Mrs. Robinson the rights to my "mole jokes. "My smash 
brothers characters "kirby and link" to the brothers "crew" My cheapness to whom- 
ever wants lo be CHEAP and save money! "$13.97 for a cd! WAY TO MUCH." My 
desk in Mr. Burke's homeroom to that lucky person! 

The Senior Will 205 


o ujberlatwes 

Best Actor/Actress: 

Emily Wright and 
Kevin Aries 

Killer Kicks: 

Kyle Sims and 
Maggie Scales 

Best Dressed: 

Jon Arpino and 
Ali Berluti 

Best Eyes: 

Mike Keefe and 
Emily Woodard 

Hottest Hair: 

Cecilie Pope and 
Andrew Kemp-Smith 

Best Laugh: 

Tom Ward and 
Rachel Strauss 

Priceless Personality: 

Amy Calandrella and 
Tom Cooney 

Million Dollar Smile: 

Bobby Schroeder and 
Andrea Scanlon 

206 Senior Superlatives 


Senior Sweethearts: 

Mark Zarthar and 
Tatiana Casale 

Biggest Flirts: 

Jeff White and 
Hillary Goodie 

Drama Queens: 

Mark Leone and 
Caitlyn McDermott 

Caffeine Fiends: 

Rachel Strauss and 
Adam Spirer 

Biggest Contributors 
to the Class: 

Callie Fisher and 
Derek O'Leary 

Biggest Gossips: 

Joe Fabiano and 
Katerina Frangiadakis 

Biggest Movie Buffs: 

Alison Jacobs and 
Taylor Regan 

Class Clowns: 

Susie Greeley and 
Danny McGinnis 

Hottest Wheels: 

Jackie Aoude and 
Chris Laham 

Life of the Party: 

Joe Fabiano and 
Jenna Weitzman 

Most Argumentative: 

Nick Thompson and 
Brianne O'Leary 

Most Artistic: 

Myles Green and 
Roanna Ruiz 

Most Athletic: 

Meredith Frank and 
Chris Laham 

Most Changed Since 
Middle School: 

Chris Nicholas and 
Danica Peterson 

Least Likely to be Found 
in School: 

Adam Ragab and 
Sarah Watsky 

Most Likely to be 
Approved by Parents: 

Emily Wright and 
Chris Walsh 

Senior Superlatives 207 

Most Likely to be in a 
Fender Bender: 

Ryan Harney and 
Meghan Cliford 

.Most Likely to get Punk'd: 

Tim Holmes and 
Jackie Germano 

Most "Old School" 

Matt Brenton and 
Steph Hilton 

Most "New School": 

Ted Cutter and 
Shermalisa Casimir 

Most Likely to Succeed 

Mark O'Connor and 
Emily Wright 

Future Late Night Talk 
Show Host: 

Adam Patterson and 
Erica Resha 

Most Tech Savvy: 

Adam Spirer and 
Jamie Mingels 

College Crazy: 

James Kenney and 
Erica Resha 

Next Dr. Phil/Oprah: 

Phil Anderson and 
Annie Kelly 

Most Musically Talented: 

Kevin Koteles and 
Cecilie Pope 

Most School Spirit: 

Kevin Aries and 
Anna Springer 

Most Likely to have Food/ 
Beverage Sniped by Mao: 

Kosta Salemis and 
Stephanie Nasr 

Next "O.C." Cast 

Jesse Plate and 
Jen Marcoux 

Next "American Idol' 

Christian Wood and 
Sara Schock 

Most Shy: 

Pat Costello and 
Kristy Maloney 

What Homeroom?: 

Amadeus Guerrero and 
Jen Visconti 

208 Senior Superlatives 

Unsung Hero: 

Nick Sims and 
Erin Donovan 

Most Likely to be on 
"The Real World": 

George Whetstone and 
Shermalisa Casimir 

Most Stylin': 

Alec LaFontaine 
and Alanna Franchi 

Most Likely to be on 
'Last Comic Standing' 

Susie Greeley and 
Danny McGinnis 







I - j 


/-. . 





^ , 


\ ^.rft*. . . >. 




a ;^F ^ 

Ml - A Am 

■ ' f ^ H « 

r jm 1 

I ,;: i^r 


















k/ . 

I^ 1 


Im kK^ 



^1 ^^H^H 

< d Yf ^ - " MJT 

^9^iL J'fl BF * 

jK^^K -' 


^fei i^^^ 

1? mwg 


Prom 215 

iilon. \l 12 Arpino, J 
.•nion I I i Sims, N 
•conti. I II MeGralh. 
iroedei l< I ^ (. astro, A 
hei (' Id Moro/ov. 
1M1, C 17 Goldman, 
.'en, \l IS Glickman, 
r»tf (' I 1 ) Spircr, Ci 

IhM an, I 2(1 O'Connci. 
late, J 21 I'niclmiew 
vnnper. A 22 Rycr, C 

\ 27 (.'lillord. 

II 2s Nasi S 

\l 2') Wolfe, 1. 

in Witlich. 

i: 31 A/erado 

vski, M -2 VIcDcni 

VI ncrluli. 

\(< Mahoney, \l 
V7 0'I.eary, 1> 
38 Huang S 
19GI ear\ II 

12 1'ahiano, .1 

43 Jacobs. A 

44 Murphv, l< 

46Criss.J 57 Hilton, h 

47 Kelly. J ^ s Vn ' 

18 Sehwede. \ 59 l : inn, C 

ivAlkn 60 Ward. K 

50 Awide I "' Sl,m K 

51 Donahue, M& (62Ciampa, P 
>2 Goodtellow, J 6 - 5 Agncw, G 

53 Woodard, I 64 Strauss, K 

54 Sylvester, K 65 /arlhar. M 

KOMandcll. S 92 I one, M 
81 Ruiz. R 93 1 .afontainc 

S2 Scales, \l 
83 I'arent, I. 

71 Bailey, I) 83 I'arent, I. 

7 2 Mareoux, J S4 Jackson. L 

73I.aham.C 85 Rose. 1) 

74 Shinopoulus, SSo Kccfc, M 

? s McGinnis, 1> 87 Newman, C 

76 I ampic, D 88Chahine.J 

77Kehoe. R 89Salemis.< 

\1 7s Mcelroy, I 90 Resha, I 

79Maloney, K 91 White. J 

94 I csage, M 

95 Monroe, K 

96 Greeley, S 

97 Roach, J 

98 Munir, Q 

99 Kelly, A 
lOOSeanlon. A 

101 Gennnno, J 

102 Goodie, II 

103 Irwin, D 


106 Weil/man. I 

107 Crowely, D 

108 llalkctt. 

109 l.cnnon, A 
110/walsky, B 
111 I lan iv V 

i 112 Baldassari. 

J 113 Williams. S 
114 Scott, (■ 
1151 e.iln , 1 

1 rank. M 
lis Kranchi.A 

119 I'rangiadakis, K 

120 Ward, I 

121 Holmes. I 

122 < ostan/a. M 
l23Cnlandrella, \ 
!24Casale, I 

12" Vbukasis, Y 




■\ '/* 


218 77ie Senior Cruise 



| ^^ 


■Hk 9 

links* ft 

Bs^l/TV \i 

k fl 



Ant *"W 




The Senior Cruise 219 

220 Graduation 



* <** 

* H 




:-,. ,:*:■ . 

Graduation 221